Thursday, 11 December 2014

Merry Christmas to you all, the faithful followers of the V2Guzzi Blog. Well that year has come, been, spent, and gone. Don't view this one at work, not that it's dangerous to open at work, it is so massive that you just will not have the time to go through it all in one go, it's that massive. This is the final collection of all the images that I have left over from a years worth of travelling the internet. Some you may have seen before, some not, but it's all great. This year has seen me change a number of bikes and move onto other types of riding. I sold my BMWF800GS, and got a BMWF800R, I bought a Moto Guzzi Daytona, sold a Moto Guzzi Le Man3 and bought a Husky 610E, plus I have ordered another bike as a project next year too, so all was not quiet on the motorcycle front. Been for some great rides and made some new friends, both through this forum and on the road. So all good.  next year is going to good as well, off to the Italian GP, the IOM, and the Dutch GP, perhaps I will meet some of you who follow me over there.  Well what to say now, merry Christmas to you all, have a great festive season and you never know, I may just see you on the road.

Classic Alpine Stars, and we threw ours away when we had done with them. I had a spare parts guy say to me the other day "did you know that Alpinestars used to have a round logo". I said " what like these ones that I'm wearing'. then I realised my faithful old road boots were really old, I mean really old and still good.

I do like these.

Young lad picked it up for his dad, just from a service, it got to the end of the road and went woof
Apparently, the sonic boom was heard on both sides of the Atlantic.

Well it's Christmas after all

Nice wee collection, I'll have one in each color. Note the first one is a 750!!!

This is true, it does smell nice
Fire proof clothing was optional

Nice bar

It's an electrical fault, the cylinder head smashed the coils off.

Hmmmm, I do like the XJR and I like this interpretation the best

What is it about Vespas and vaginas

 What a great shot

 fantastic trailer

Only the Italians can polish floors like this.

Yeah Nah, all it is, is an exercise in art, not motorcycles

Confederate at Bonneville 

Didn't they have fun in those days

A french Anglia?????

This is what motorcycling is all about, shorts, no helmets, hanging onto your older brothers shoulder ( you could never put your arms around his waist far to girly), and going wahoooo

barn finds again, expected to raise about 30 million pounds, Ferrari's and all sorts in here

They are actually making them

New Zealand Guzzi's are pretty cool too.

As well as new Zealand Moriwakis

Kiwi guys being kiwi guys, nice to see it.

You gotta love a girl who can weld.

Lovely restoration work here

here's that Ferrari in the barn.

I had one of these as a kid, thought I was the bomb then.

grand dad was a big man

Ha ha ha, anyone for some free range Pork balls
Nice work Tim, very nice work.

Kiwi guys on the wairarapa coast, hunting and fishing, perfect.

All the old rusted out cars you've seen in this installment, are all out of the same barn, amazing that so many cars can still be found today.

Now the work of an artisan will always be beautiful

has to be a set up, I only know one guy that can ride these like this, and this isn't him, is it Peter

Jay taking out his Mclaren F1 engine for a service

Yamaha Europe's head quarters with a brace of Rossi engines and bikes, check the last image for the amount of engineering, milling and lathe work goes into this.

And that's a wrap, I'm out of here, have a great holiday, enjoy your kids, enjoy your family, and most of all enjoy yourself. Merry Christmas.

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