Thursday, 4 December 2014

Dave Aldana he raced some fine Ducati's and had a great Arai helmet design too.
Kind of looks sluggish with that triumph tank on it don't you think?
This ones for you, I know you like them, and you know who you are.......hahahahaha, it's a bit like the one below, but that one is faster and better looking

Nice rear end to be admired by designers and riders alike all over the world

This Ducati was when everyone first got 8 valved, and then the world of motorcycling racing changed for ever, and Ducati suddenly became the bike to have.Still is except for XJR's, ZRX's, Daytona's. Ha ha

I'm not too sure but that deck looks like it's made of planks!!!!! Fucken real men no argument 

Interesting front end.

A V6 Laverda

A very early Cagiva two stroke 500, nice

Really? that's almost obscene, except that I like it. It'da cutie!

Nice helmet paint work

Seriously, would you use one of these in your plane??????

Jail time was what this man got for his troubles, apparently cocaine was not supposed to be used to fill his tyres up with.


Lovely ali Guzzi
This is what  Jorge does to his front tyre lap in lap out

Nice TT
Yamaha really do make the best tanks

On the left the racer and on the right the replica, or should that be the other way around?
Quite like this guzzi, its not too bad.

After this he raced it all day long.
Who remembers these things floating around, there used to be a couple in Wellington once upon a time. I followed a Europa being driven with clarity and verve last weekend, it was nice to hear a genuine Ford double overhead cam engine being used for it's intended purpose.

I do like this what strangely enough.

Komatsu, bend me some pipes after work will you

Great paint
Check the wing nuts they've all been burnished in the same direction, now that is dedication to 'the look'

pretty is always going to be pretty

Sa matta Hermione missing Harry, cor erhhh hasn't she grown up

nearly the same as mine

A mock up of the MV rear end

I don't care what you say you can only go down so far

 That's right 150 mph way back then, this from the venerable Vincent the worlds first superbike

 Barn finds are really quite neat.

 R nine t get em while they are hot at your local BMW shop, that'd be Motomart for me then.

 Ring ding ding ding x oh about a thousand


 There you Greg all answered all in one

 The Berlin wall like you've never seen it before

 The new Honda RCV thingie a copy of the motoGP bike, nice

 That's it, no citris fruit, no nothing just beer in your glass
 You've got to give it to them, they do it well, always have always will

 One of my favorite bikes the Kawasaki ZRX1200, best ever

 Nice bit of old and new going on here, it always amazes me that you can take bits from a bike from the early 70's and drop it onto a bike from now and still come up with a modern classic

 Here's that Honda again, can't wait for my mate 2xAA ron to test it and get the feedback from that.

 Mad Max

 Is this right or what
 Vincents all in a row, and they have several missing from the register, but they know where an awful lot of them are.

 And now a homage to older but still nice bikes, this is where our bikes frm today came from.

 Can you see the first GSXR's in here

 Escorts on the edge, who hasn't experienced this

 Oh oh trouble about to happen

 Men like big diggers

And that about sums up one of the best weekly installments that I think I have ever done, apart from that one a few weeks ago, that was epic. To all you new viewers go back through the blog and see what it's all about, I think it's epic and as per my mate Jack above Fuck it if you don't get it.

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