Sunday, 21 December 2014

Yah what????????? OK, OK this one is for Neilio who finished the epic massiver and massiver blog from last week, he said "what am I going to do now". And this from a guy that does not even own a motorcycle. So here you go. last one. Merry Christmas.

 Nice bent on an old bike, I like this.
Now that's commitment

Dougie was pretty fast too

Bruce bravely blasts big blue Britten bwoooooarr
It's the torque reaction of the big V Twin
Honda's new toy nice

 This, this is what riding motorcycles is all about, the pure enjoyment of being out there doing it.

 Nice truck

 A surprise in the paddock

 Run run as fast as you can

 This is a view of the Milky way from the edge of Mars ha ha

Tell me what you want what you really really want

 This little motorcycle is proving to be very versatile.

 These guys are colored gladiators aren't they
 My 83 year old father just bought one of these.

 Go on Aaron, you know you want one
 Or two

 And this is what mine is starting to look like

 ZRX cafes really well, I like this bike alot, it's got engine

 Nigel collapsed after pushing his John Player Special car across the line for 6th to come 2nd in the championship. he was tired

 He's spotted a nice bike
 That's a big bucket

 Russian Horsepower

 There's something wrong with this Ducati, the engines been moved down, I think it's wrong

 How nice is this Krugger

 Great RV


 How are these for barn finds

Isn't Selma beautiful?

Well done that's another episode done. Oh yeah

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