Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Well well, here we are again. I got a couple of funny emails last week about the fact that the blog doesn't seem to be about Guzzi's only. It's not just about Guzzi's, I profess my like of the marque and I own one, but the name on the blog is perhaps a bit misleading. This blog is more about motorcycling and the general love that we as motorcyclists have for our passion. It's about a life style, what people are doing, it's about solid engineering, the form and the function of motorcycles and how we as individuals treat our motorcycles. I am always amazed by the abilities of people to not be happy with what they have and feel this deep seated urge to change and to transform seemingly normal motorcycles into something that is uniquely personal and something that suits that particular person. There are the restoration guys, the completely knock them down and transform them guys, the people that clearly aren't satisfied with what they have, it is going on in a back yard garage near you every night, and it is this love of that, that is celebrated here in this blog

So lets start off with one of my favorite Japanese motorcycles.

More suck, than squeeze bang and blow

This Guzzi looks very purposeful.

Nice little red lollipops all in a row.

Check this hand beaten tank, what nice work.
This guy has probably forgotten more about Nortons than most people will learn in a life time.

A view our competitors in the day got a lot of.

And I was like Braaappppp

I want power.

No felt washers, must be a Japanese shop.

Pretty Phat.
They were so so tiny

And here's one I finished earlier.

Panigales can jump

Anthony Gobert, stunned the WSB at Laguna this day.
Missed it again.

The BLOW part gets pretty hot through a turbo.

Those elves have been busy again.

Bad ass bikers braving the rain haha

I do like the new targa, far better then the last one.


Double A on his Kawasaki.

I can't quite put my finger on it.

Some people just can't be told.

Liked the color scheme on this.


Right then lets poke this into that Fiat panda, it should go alright.

I laughed when I saw this.
Out drinking and dining with great friends, good night with fellow motorcyclists in Taupo.

After seeing a V-Rod with gold leaf, I'm considering it.

A very cool Triumph

Feet up full lock, going for it.

Turbo the lawn mower why not?

That doesn't look good.

How nice is this?

We had blue ones years ago.

kawasakis eat too much plastic, and it is causing environmental issues.

A much underrated motorcycle trust me, nasty things these street fighters

Now this is a street fighter.

Front wheel drive is going to be an issue.

When ever I see them in a different color I think "ohh that's nice".

You clazy japanese

Not going fast enough I think.

Krausers were always really nice

Just plain old beautiful, almost as nice as my old one I reckon

There's a lot of Scramblers in there.

Two very beautiful motorcycles at rest.


These guys certainly know how to camp in style, why not take the F40?

Now that's an engine.

I'm nearly moved to tears.

But But But ( don't start now). Or maybe even Chipati chipati chipati

Damn those elves are good aren't they?


Perhaps one of the most beautiful bikes built.

Hmmm must be a motocrossers van.

I think Vale must be here.

Eddies toy of choice for that year, He won.

Fangin up the road.

Gobert leaving nothing in the garage
How cool is this.

1000cc two stroke Honda made from 2 CR500's

Now this is a little interesting

Nice carbon

For a standard bike they look pretty bloody nice

There aint half some clever bastards out there.

He's mad about something

This is a lovely little Bmer, I wouldn't mind somehting like this as my Sunday ride.

Well once again that's all for the week. Hope you liked something in there. I've noted a definite trend towards custom Ducati's of late and they are appearing everywhere on line, I love them, I hope you do too. I'm off today to fix my Guzzi, it's running really well up to 120, then it starts to sputter and the right hand exhaust is running slightly colder that the left, so the left hand cylinder or injection is playing up. Looking forward to a day in the garage, even if it isn't mine t
hanks Pat. So see you all next week same time same Chanel.

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