Monday, 12 October 2015

Hey Ho everyone, firstly apologies if you see an image in here that you've already seen in here. I got a bit mixed up with my files somewhere along the way and I may have doubled up on some. Never mind double the enjoyment eh? I got some great news this week, as you know I have been pretty ill for a while now and yesterday my Doc's gave me the first of the all clears I need, Leukemia is a bitch but the treatment is even worse. But I've now been given the first all clear, so pretty happy at the moment. Mustu be time to celebrate by.....going for a ride with my friends. So a couple of rides have come and gone, and a couple more to go for this year. Looking forward to my East Cape ride in a week or so, it's always great to get out and about with like minded friends. And we've just started planning a small ride to Cape Rianga too, that should be good, I haven't been there for a while. For those of you outside NZ, Cape Rianga is the furthest point north in NZ. We also have a big ride down to the South island in March for Wings over Wanaka, and I am going to go Milford Sound as I haven't been there either. That will be a big ride. Anyway I digress, sitting here with windows open, still a bit chilly but summer is most definitely on the way, both bikes are registered, warranted, tuned, oiled,  greased and ready for a good summer of riding. 

Paint how it's supposed to be done, no decals or transfers good honest brush work.

And 26 miles away someone is waiting to catch this in their teeth.

 Nice toys, I wonder if there are any bikes on board.

 It's called commitment
 I think it was called the Spruce Goose, but this was the biggest seaplane ever built. Howard Hughes was a dreamer and visionary that's for sure.
 Look how big it was inside!!!!

 Now that's a hoist!

 Low level up a river, pretty impressive

 Yamaha have centralised their mass pretty well.

 Me and my daughter Cros.

 One of the original superbikes.
 Now this is amazing.
 Vincents, they built them like no one else for a very long time.
 It's all quite simple really.
 Lovely Norton shop
 We had GSXR's and CB750's and Kawasaki 900's, but this bike was an epiphany to the motorcycle world and they sold in droves, and even today they they are still widely admired. perfection in shape, form and function.

 Where many potential cafe racers have ended up.
 Nortons for hire in New Zealand.

 Even little bikes can look great.

 A new Matchless????

 This would be fun on a Sunday afetrnoon, turbo 500.

 Ram Air niceness
 Perhaps one of the rarest modern day Ducatis.

NCR Ducati engines always went better then the rest.

New engine meets Tonti frame, a classic mix of new and old, love it.

Some lovely work going on here, very original ideas
 Now who doesn't like an Egli framed big engined japa.

 Now I do have a soft spot for Nortons ( my dad has a nice 1938 ES@ sitting in his garage)

 These early 90's Guzzi will always hold a bit of my heart, i love them
 I used to race one of these, wish I still had that bike too.

 And I was like Brrraaapppppp

 Lovely garage
 BEARS racing New Zealand style

 Well that's another wrap folks. Hope you enjoyed the images and my ramblings. I now have at least 5 episodes waiting and ready to send out, it's great being so far in front for a change. Oh thank you to Nik in Japan for sending me the Titanium wheel nut for my Diavel, a most unexpected present and one which I am very grateful for. So thank you very much. Ok boys and girls get out there and ride.

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