Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Well here we are again, just had an epic week of riding around this wonderful country with some fantastic blokes. I have to say there is nothing like getting away on your bike with your mates, staying in nice places and seeing a country that hasn't been seen in a number of years. New Zealand has so much to offer as far as motorcycle travel, and if the weather is right there is no place like it.
I've just had a life changing second chance and this ride was my present to me just to remind me of what is important in your travels on this earth. I am so glad that I belong to the motorcycling brotherhood, it is a bond that unites so many different people from so many walks of life, some racers, some road riders, some cruisers and to a man all different, varied and interesting. A bit like this blog actually. So here it is.

 We get them here as well.

These triumphs can certainly be turned into a nice rod.

Hmmm not too sure about this, but as I said it takes all sorts, so give it a go.
What a lovely motorcycle
I laughed when I saw this, but then realised that it is a tree of shattered dreams
Not too sure about that exhaust.
This is an image of the crew on our ride south last year, so many different types of bikes, and riding styles going on here. Check out the clouds in the background and a temperature of about 25 degrees
I do like the numbers stitched into the seat, great idea and worth keeping, very smart

Pipe porn again
Plastic maggots can look good
it says Ape but you say it Arh Pah
Serious mud, I'll bet he slept well that night
Norton's for hire in New Zealand, nice
I'm very interested in what people are starting to do to these
Classic, what more can you say
Mito's they looked ok but were gutless and under delivered
Dave Cole's racing matchless

I know where there is a green frame one of these, lovely little bikes
Mmmmm nice
Rad Ducati make a great bike
Say no more, I remember days like this, and wouldn't change them for the world.
Simple and effective

I do like this Guzzi

Stroudy out to play.
Cool lines, nice paint, and a different look, I like the work and the design gone into this bike

A workshop somewhere in New Zealand, can you guess?
I do like that guzzi tank
I think it still needs work, but the bones of a great bike are there.
East Cape roads....................say no more
Roly free, this is one of the most famous images of motorcycling of all time.

Jeeze that's going to take some polish
Not too sure about this, from this angle the tank looks a bit of a mess.
Classic image really, Vespas fanging it

The mighty VW variant, what a vastly underrated car, they went really well and you could take your girlfriend down to the beach late at night to watch the surfing

Now that's an engine
So is this, i love the way the Hot rodders really push the boundaries of design and yet still manage to make an excellent product.

Every motorcyclists needs a handbag.....don't they?
Rad ducati again, their work is without peer.

Now when this image came across my screen, I thought Wow that is COOL

I think he got that wrong

Racing TZ's had the meanest looks
Moto martin made some pretty cool bikes in their day too.

Take your pick, scrap to some, jewels to every back yard builder in the world
Aermacchi's all in a row.
So cool
This is appealing, appealing to your senses saying like me buy me, build me.

I remember seeing this in a sideshow in Auckland years ago, they don't do it anymore here.
Nice, I've always wondered how they formed those mufflers
want one of these
Endurance racing at night is amazing

can you hear this bike, and smell it. Close your eyes and give it a go.
This is perhaps one of the nicest Guzzi's I have ever seen, it's so clean, so right and so finished.

into second  clunk, into third clunk, that's how Guzzi's change a lifetime between gears
Yeehaaa I do like this.

Even with a fag in his mouth, cool guy

I know where there are a couple of these in this country too.

Always had a soft spot for these Tritons
A V12 Kawasaki
40 inches tall, that's all.

Those Italians just know how to use alloy don't they
I really like this bike, that's because it's mine haha

Magni Guzzi's all in a row, I'll bet that sounds nice
Endurance Yamaha's with an enduring paint scheme.

Just put it on its side and drag it through the snow, it's kinda cool though

By now you all know I like and appreciate good paint.

A quiet ciggie on the side of the road, nothing like it, ahh sigh

I like these too, why? because I have one and every time I get on it I say to myself " Why did I not buy one before". I've always aid to my mates that ride it, " there are 4 things about this bike 1) You will be amazed at how well it just fucks off, 2) you wont be able to stop smiling, 3) you wont be able to be in the company of your mates without telling them how well it goes, repeatedly, and 4), you WILL want another ride.

Tesi, hows this for pushing the boat out, even though the Elf guys paved the way, this bike was out there when it arrived.

Ohhhhh yessss
Scramblers on the road, Motomart have a few left, go test one, you'll love it. I know a guy who absolutely hated the Scrambler, "yeah Nah, nah, I don't like the exhaust it sticks out to far, nah I don't like this and I don't like that". I've never had such a closed mind about a bike, particularly one that I hadn't ridden, but that was his opinion based on not knowing what the bike was actually like, it turns out that opinion was wrong. One came on our ride this last weekend around the East Cape ( big ride lots of miles) and shit it went well, for a little 821 engine it ran just as fast as I've ever seen been ridden, it handled, it grunted out of corners, got him a speeding ticket haha, carried gear, and the rider was not a midget either. I'm pretty impressed with them.
An icon in the motorcycle world
That same corner, that same style

Nice paint
I've just ordered one of these for my next project
very industrial ( he says waving his hands in the air)

the seat from my Guzzi, the devil is in the detail I say

A new Matchless is on the way

I made one of these once too, perhaps a very missed part of motorcycling history, if Paul Smart hadn't won then this was the bike that was next.
On any Sunday
Very Tidy restoration.

Sorry mate I didn't see you.
Love these Triumph sleds
me in another lifetime, learning how to crash really fast. No I mean learning how to crash really hard.
Now this bike has pushed my button, for some reason I just get this bike, it to me has it all, simple, well done, easy to ride and it looks like it could be ridden for a long time. great work.

Even today this thing looks fricken beautiful

Yoooikkks Alphas on the edge
Nah I think its fucked mate, were you texting while riding?
This guy is a thinker, great idea

John and Bros in Daytona I think. Lovely image

Done well you can make a nice bike look fantastic

Cool table

Loved those banana seats

The best paint I've ever had, and I've had some stunning paint

Just.........just..about perfection

It's making a strange ting ting noise

I'm going to vomit, the almighty PC800 was a directive from Mr Honda to get it's sales people around the world engaged. If you can't sell one of these, don't come Monday, if you can you can sell anyhting.

paint, say no more

Texting while riding is bad for your ABS

Ohh my, ohh my, look at this image, no just look at it, Sante Monica's, SL's MH Replicas 900ss's, F1"s all there really

In case you always wondered. Fuck it must be boring

Do I ahve to say it, PAINT, if your building a bike invest in paint, it's the least you can do.

MV race bike Rod

12 speed diamond jewel.

Great image, this must be the fine for exceeding 20, a bit harsh
Japanese speedway

It still bugs me that people can't see straight
That's a highside
This has gone down as one of the strangest accidents of all. Go google it the video is amazing
In a quiet corner of the pits the race day is finished the bike is still whole, and you feel good about life.

Yes somedays it rains, but never mind you always have this Blog.

Ever wondered? Well wonder no more

Well there you go, another wee blog for you all, I hope you enjoyed it.
Pretty tired after my ride,now for a couple of days of sleep. Had a fantastic time great ride, great scenery, and great mates. Cheers to all of you. 

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