Monday, 18 April 2016

G'day boys and girls been working on a number of things this past few weeks, will very soon have quite a few bikes arriving to either customize, or to sell so it's all gearing up. I've made some great contacts here in sunny Tauranga to help me with builds, so if you know of someone or you want a custom built bike just for you get in touch and we will see what we can do. I've been amazed by the positive response of people that I talk to about this, and I certainly hope that I can be of service to you at some stage in the near future. All it takes is the dream, and the plan, and the will. So lets start this party and don't forget spread the word, I'm here and I'm ready to work my magic. Whether it's your own bike, or a bike you want I am sure that I can help in both regards.

A field of shattered dreams

This is a previous build I did, it is a stunning bike, I think the secret to building these bikes is to make them look as if they have come from the factory, but you know when you look that it is different.
So now you know how it works
Miss my old garage, but a new one is on the way

Me and the late Robert Holden racing my 916SP

Now I've seen guys go cheap on their saddles, but you just can't beat quality. You need to have an idea, be very precise in your brief, reject poor workmanship and then you will end up with quality, that is what it's about. Non of this "oh my mates brother can do that"shit.
This was a nice paint job
Your truly in a former life, shit check out those leathers
Beautiful paint and excellent upholstery really do add value to your bike

My mate Pat being a genuine works mechanic at the BSFOS

Freddies bike was just beautiful

Robert playing barbeques with my 916SP
Paint people paint, I've found a fantastic custom painter up here keep an eye out for his work on these pages

I had this seat made after having two previous ones rejected, the first was just wrong the second the upholsterer used the wrong colored stitching but he came through in the end. Never accept compromise

My 996sps all painted up, it was beautiful

My first proper race bike, still fit these leathers after 25 years, they look pretty worn out though

Now these images came across my PC the other night, they were taken during the build of the Britten, and some may have never been seen before so enjoy the craftsmanship of the very talented builder that is John Britten and his team of very talented people.

Back in the day.

My mate leant me his Bol D Or brand new, I absolutely shit myself on it about 1/2 an hour after this image was taken, I couldn't believe that a bike could go so fast two up, it was an epiphany to me, fast was good, fast was great, give me more.

Yamaha blue even out the exhaust

Those were the days, no helmets, sneakers, no T shirts and CB200s being abused, oh and there was always one mate that didn't ride but always wanted to be there for the parties and to start the trouble

This is Hondas 2017 CB, it's a new bike!!!!!!

Really, is it possible for a CX500 to look this bloody nice

Road food in the South Island really has upped its game.
In my humble opinion the most beautiful race bike ever.

This is the look you give seconds before the police car turns around

If you have one of these do not mess with it, it is fast becoming a classic

A very nice designed custom

Really liking the molded seat

You cn see the trad on the soles of his shoes

A couple of mates out riding in the South Island

RIP Mr Tamborini

My original color scheme used by Ducati a couple of years later haha, I've always led the trends

Never seen the color on a ZRX before but it looks bloody great

This isn't going to end well I can tell

Nice touch

Stance that's all it needs
Hmm I understand the need to travel with luggage but that top box is just wrong
Oh yeah bring me a modern version please

Dripping wet paint

It's spring in Japan obviously
This was a nasty XR1000 that raced in New Zealand a few years back, it was fearsome fast and beautiful at the same time

MotoGP girls

This is where I want to be eventually, I have a dream, a plan, and clip the ticket catchy eh? Dick, how do you think most people do business?

Tell your upholsterer that you want double stitching and you want it in a particular color, just think it through and get exactly what you want.

The Motul girls eny meny miny moe

A very pretty Guzzi
This was the bike, that got me back to Guzzi, just stunning in every way, form function design it's all in this bike to see.

Here is my GT in it's before phase, exhausts, gauges, headlight, handlebars, on the way and then into paint and upholstery.

Phew, there is smoke pouring from my head, that's it for another week time for a rest. Back in Wellington next week to finish this off and then it's off to Europe to catch up with all of my V2Guzzi mates and to party in Italy at Meguello. There's lots of work to be done over there that's for sure.

AND that is all.

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