Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hey there to the faithful, well this weeks blog has the usual mixture of interesting and different things that I know you all like. It's all about the lifestyle that we all love. 
I've had an awesome few weeks, meeting people and discussing my new business and getting a great group of quality trades sorted out ( my god some of the people I have met are doing some amazing stuff), it's been a blast meeting some real and interesting characters that's for sure. Can't wait to get my first bikes in and my customs underway. Web site is being designed, graphics are under way, T shirt designs coming along, and now a concerted effort to find a new place to live and work from. Hmmm I used to have one of those once. So it's been pretty busy.
 As you know I went to the Barry Sheene festival of Speed a few weeks back and I was lucky enough to meet some of the greats from the 500GP era. Freddie Spencer was one of them. As this photo was being taken I whispered into his ear to take his hand off of my arse, he pissed himself laughing. I know you always hear it about these Gods, but he really was a genuine down to earth guy who took the time to take interest in who you are and what you are doing. A very real gentleman that's for sure.

Without doubt one of the nicest bikes to come out of Yamaha

Thump. what was that? There goes the neighbor hood.

I do love these petrol tanks, form, function and simplicity, end result beautiful
Looks a lot like a Manta ray, nature always knows best eh?

My first race bike was like this except it was pretty untidy
Stunning work, classic design.

This BM is beautifully crafted

A great shot always deserves a place here on V2Guzzi

What a stunning little model.

One for you Damo

 I know where one of these is, it's been sitting on deflated tyres since 1998, sad really

The same but different

Oh the hours beating this beautifully formed guard
I do like the paint work on this bike, it's been planned out really well to match the dimensions of the bike, it may not be to your liking but it fits and matches very well.

These Egli's weren't the prettiest, but shit they are nice
That moment when you realise that this has got way way out of hand

Dream, Plan, Outsource, Clip the Ticket Designs. Catchy aye.

She's gone mate

Bit of oversteer, bit of understeer, how do you explain that to the team

Sorry but it annoys the fuck out of me, look at the rear seat and the paint, have you got a laser?
This is how it should be done, stunning

Lovely shape

This ones for you Mike Sinclair


I have no idea what is going on here

In our younger days when we had hair, and TM250's with miles of fire breaks.

Another custom built bike by me, this time a round case 750GT, this bike was a genuine work of art

Simple really a change of colour a different seat, an exhaust high bars and it looks bloody fantastic. It's quite hard to make simple look so effective.

 It your ever in Wellington go to my good friends Geoff and Bridgett's cafe Prefab in Jessie street, best coffee and best food in the town. Their bacon is pretty amazing. I miss this place a lot.

Well that's all for this week folks. Was going to write a reply here to a very cynical email that I received from a very ex mate in this weeks blog due to his sudden intrusion into my life, but thought to myself why waste time on something so pointless. All I can do is wish him well, I've far better things to get on with. Have a great week everyone spread the word and lifestyle.
And remember Carbon Art Customs. Shameless plug

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