Monday, 4 April 2016

In an attempt at being more regular with the blog, because I know from the hundreds of emails I get that you are all missing it, here is this weeks on time. Have had a lot of response to my 'new career', it all seems to be very positive. I've posted my first bike a GT1000 up for sale and it has been quite positive, but no money in the bank, after all that's what it's all about. I've even had one person contact me about re-building his own bike, so please bear with me for the moment as I get set up. As you all know I'm away in Europe setting up contacts, meeting with some of my suppliers and meeting with a couple of shops that work out of Italy and England, so I am looking forward to that. It's all business you understand. May as well enjoy myself at the same time, funny how work can also be a great amount of fun too. I've read so much in the past year about doing what you enjoy and even if your not successful to start, if you enjoy your work and your business it will come to you. I have a real passion for this and it's taken me 27 years and a bout of Leukemia to make me realise this. I am blessed to have such great friends around me to offer support and advice it's been truly fantastic. It also helps that they ride any opportunity they can, and in my books that is what it's all about. So a big thank you to Richard, Cindy, Gary, Colleen, Jass, Winston, Bryce, Peter, Dallas, Mike, Haydn, Jules, and of course for the ever on going support of my darling lady Liz, without her I don't know where I'd be. And of course to all of you for showing me your appreciation towards me and the blog. Spread to word to all.
So without further fan fare here's this weeks missive for you all, enjoy.

My mate Randel Feilden died last month, cancer is a bitch, this guy was a true English eccentric a Guzzi guy through and through a tequila drinking trouble making rabble rouser in the first degree, I am very very sad to say goodbye to him, his likes comes this way all to infrequently.
I do like all black bikes

A traffic light sleeper, I think not!!!!!
How to make a new bike look old and yet still very contemporary. Nice

A very nice foyer to have

Great paint

How many of you cut your teeth on these, what a great little bike

Now that's tipping it in.

It's an electrical fault, the conrod took the regulator out

One of only 2 in the world, amazing really, I wonder how much that would cost to buy.

That is one mean looking car

they just look so bloody good.

these Hondas have always had that 'cool' look to them

In a quiet shed in Japan, you could hear a pin drop. So many lost dreams and rides.

This gives you an idea of how big they are, this one was sedated and being tagged.

Mostly standard, the design is like the 916 timeless in it's form and function, everything there for a reason.

My mate Tim with a Guzzi that has failed to proceed. But it's going great now.
Love the design that's gone into this.
Manfield Guzzi's ready to race


Uber clean BM.

And you don't need to be big to be cool.

I just love these
And these it has to be said.

Road food really is the best. The girls just don't understand the hardships we put up with on a ride.

This is just art, nothing less. Some people understand this.

Amazing really, the average age of these pilots was 18!!!! What is your 18 year old doing right now.

At the BSFOS in Eastern Creek a few weeks ago.
Noice mate noice.

I do like this, it really grows on you if you look at the design and detail.

Now this has been customised very well, love the paint work.

A CX 500 never was meant to look this good. Ever.........

Paint maketh the bike. The differing color stripe around the number is genius.

Love the crinkle finish, am going to use a bit of that on the next Ducati, except in green

 Guzzi's can play in the dirt just like every other bike can

 They do do a good pipe

 From here it looks like a great paint job
 Don't know if I'd be to happy with that paint, it's the right color, but I'd be looking for a higher quality job.

Well boys and girls that about wraps that up for another week. I'm getting my first lot of bikes in in a few weeks, so keep you eyes out for them on Trade Me and my Facebook. Happy to discuss sourcing a bike, or selling and customising a bike with you. All it takes is time and effort for you to have the bike you've always wanted and one that is uniquely yours. If you don't have the time I do, if you don't have the ideas,........ well I do. I am trading under Carbon Art which was a carbon fiber business I had a few years back when I was making race fairings and customising other bikes, but I think that I will change it's name slightly to CAC, Carbon Art Customs, what do you think? Keep the mail flowing and don't forget to spread to word to your friends and colleagues. Oh once a name is finalized I have a range of very cool T shirts coming out as well to top off your wardrobe, plus some other great apparel too that will suit the cafe look. Keep it upright.

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