Tuesday, 5 July 2016

I've been asked a couple of times this week, how on earth do I find the time to put this blog together for you all. I'm pretty proficient at it and to be honest it doesn't take that long, and it's not like I'm any different to you, I love looking at all things motorcycle, mechanical, engineering and beautiful, so it's more of a pleasure then a graft. But having said that last weeks 900 odd images did drain me a bit. Just as well I suffer from insomnia ( three more sleeps till Santa anyway). but I digress, this weeks installment is a bit shorter and a bit more manageable. This is due to the fact that I am 'working' again. It seems rather strange to say that again, but never the less it's true and I am loving it. If you can call work putting front ends on GT1000's, pulling forks out of BMW's and arranging all sorts of things from paint schemes, to parts, and  amazing discussions with friends over a few beers about design and the aesthetic of  motorcycles. I am blessed with all sorts of considered opinions from people and have surrounded myself in some very talented people ( I'm quite good at that apparently). My new painter is just such a pleasure, with nearly as many ideas as me, and I am looking forward to seeing his work. I've commenced building a bike for the Auckland motorcycle show and it will be on display there for all to see, so am really looking forward to meeting with people and talking about the thing we all love and that's motorcycles. So dah dah dah dahhh here's this weeks installment for you all to enjoy.

Basic Black what a cracker 
 These things are like little watches, bits of jewelry

 My mate Paul has this for sale if your interested, it's the 400cc version and very pretty

 Simple and clean is best, I like the pop of color too

 Just stop for a moment and take this in

 A nice street fighter if ever I saw one

 You are as motorcyclists allowed to eat the green stuff in this image
 Very close to mine

 Now I love this lady from The Big Bang Theory gorgeous and funny

 Minimalist Pantah, my first race bike was one of these, although it never looked as nice

 Old meets new, great work

 Full sails, what a sight to see
 XJR niceness

 Who knew eh? I didn't

 I have no idea who the guys are but the bikes bloody lovely

 Pukehina ride on Sunday, interesting mix of motorcycles. The Triumph sounded beautiful when on full song, I was impressed with how well it went. I enjoyed my little ride on it, thanks Gary

 These Yamahas are starting to make an impression on the cafe scene, I really like them

 How on earth?
 Just check out the size of this thing

 Wes Cooley

 Lyall Bay street race, great to see images like this popping up. I was there that day
 Rolls Royce concept car, pretty out there

 You wouldn't have to stuff this bike into the corner, it's already there

 Without doubt the best adventure boot you can buy.

 Toyota made some stunners back in the day

 Go one you know you want to lick it.

 That's that fucked then


 I do like this nearly as much as the Monaco

 Wish I was sponsored by Tag, but you do owe it to yourself to buy one. You will never regret making a great decision

 Very rare metal these days

 The GFC was a bitch for some

 Drool, this is a stunner

 How cool is this rig?

So there you go. Nice and sweet, certainly some inspiration in there for those of you who want and need to be inspired. My new web site www.carbonartcustoms.com will be up and running from next week if my son Max can get it together, it will be full of nice bikes to buy, Bimotas, Ducatis, customs, and great motorcycle apparel. . It looks like I'm going to be pretty busy over the next few weeks as my workshop gets built and I get my new office up and running. Shit I've bought some equipment in the past couple of weeks, new compressors, media blasters, drill presses, bike hoists, linishers, you name it I've nearly got it all. All I need is power!!!!
I have to say moving to Tauranga has been such an inspiration to me, No bullshit, no naysayers, no negativity, just people who want to get on with stuff and I find that quite enlightening. All I can say to you in signing off, is shed the shit, walk away from the word no, and enjoy every person you meet.


  1. Lyall bay Street races - I think that's Nigel Ward on no 25 - Honda CBX550.

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