Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Well well , the first blog from the new premises. It's been a singularly frustrating week thats for sure, siting here working on bikes and waiting for trades people to turn up and do shit. "Yeah yeah be there tomorrow", hah a dollar for every time that I have heard that in the past few weeks. But I am here now, the web site is up and running and a couple of bikes have gone out the door, so it's promising that's for sure. Lots of interest in the Bimotas ( hint call me and I will do a deal). Looks like I am about to become an agent for Bell open face helmets as well, but we still have some work to do. If there is one thing that i have learnt over the past year or so, that is don't let anything or anyone get in your way, if your keen on doing something that your really into, go with it, and it will come. I jsut spent an entire day taking the front end off of a BMWF800R that I have, and when I finished for the day, I couldn't believe where the time had gone, it felt like I was kicking about in my own back garage. And when that realization hit me I laughed out loud in my concrete cavernous space, and I thought " shit that's the first time I've actually made a noise today, no conversations, just quietly doing shit that I love". It's not really work is it? Have to say though I am looking forward to the summer, it's bloody freezing and I'm starting to get a pissed at my northern hemisphere readers who keep sending me images of them out riding. It looks so bloody nice seeing cafe style bikes hooning down the roads of Tuscany, and around the back streets of Amsterdam, as I am known for saying "bastards, bastards, bastards". Ha ha it's all good though. Really glad I don't have to do that Wellington thing, I mean it was my home town for a long long time, but it really is that much nicer up here. Anyways I digress heres this weeks images for you all along with my ramblings, thank you all for your support and good wishes it means a lot to me to have great friends all over the world getting behind me. Cheers to you all.


 This is very cool, love the styling
If you haven't tried, then do so

 Noice mite noice

Still gorgeous after all these years

Robert Holden on Dallas Rankins Ducati
Robert Holden taking out the Holden sign, a pretty famous crash really
Aaron learning his craft

Richard Scott Wanganui. Bought the bike the day before and raced it the next, I think he got that wrong though it's usually what wins on Sunday sells on Monday

The Bike Clinic showroom in Taranaki Street, oh about years ago

Very nice, stunner

Nice way to bring the kids into motorcycling

Bill having a go

Dallas, Robert and the late Dick Hurdeman

Rod Price

 Aren't these nice?

 Lovely work here

 Planning thinking inspiration

 This is what happens when you ride through the country side very very fast

 Lizards on tour last year, was a great 2000K ride

 Chris Haldane on my 996sps

A V6 stroker

Yeah definitely yeah

Stunning paint, not my thing but I appreciate the work
Just classic, this bike has stance

Great timimg

Perhaps one of the best cameras in the world.

What's not to appreciate

The sum of all the parts makes a nice motorcycle


OK OK that's enough my nose is bleeding from the effort

That's all folks have a great week. Check out www.carbonartcustoms.com more new bikes coming out soon.