Monday, 11 July 2016

Well another week another dollar or two. Been a busy little bugger that's for sure, so much for escaping the bollocks of the corporate world and choosing a more sedentary life style. This past week has seen me do battle with our local telco provider who seemed to think my new building didn't exist, builders who are booked up for three years!!!!! I guess it's their time after a shocking past 7 odd years, good on them I say. But it didn't help me. Been buying all sorts of stuff for the shop new bike hoists, bead blasters you name it I've been buying it. It seems 1/2 the stuff I am buying I used to own. Strange how things work out, never mind. Really enjoying the weather here and enjoying the company of my great friends here too. I have three bikes ready for compliance, 1 bike is in paint and is going to the bike show in Auckland, so that's quite exciting. have a couple of mates heading off to Baja for a ride, I cant go, but I'm planning a nice ride for next year once I get up on my feet. We have a couple of small NZ rides planned for early spring and the planning on a big Northland ride for early next year too, no camp grounds no tents, just nice hotels double beds fantastic food and even better rides. I love all this planning, ideas are thrown around over a few beers with mates talking motorcycles and enjoying the life style. It has been mentioned a few times over the past few days that once you get motorcycles in your blood, it's there for good, and as I sat with my friends I looked around and it was so true, once you have it, it's there. So I hope that this blog gets in your blood too, I know it has for some. Oh  BTW the web site is running albeit in a limited fashion, but it is there, so go check it out and bookmark it. I'm going to be spending a bit more time this week adding new product to it, so keep checking it out. 

Love this image, this is for my Baja mates

 This guy is an alien

 What a great shot

 I know it's a bit different but I like it

 I've got this Paso for sale, check the site tomorrow

 Feek'n hell
 Simple eh?

 These two are amongst the most beautiful ever made

 I know where my old one is, I wonder if he wants to sell it back to me?

 A very young NZ motocrosser with all his toys.

 Go on my son

 Who remembers this?

 A nice Guzzi to look at for a change, there haven't been that many come out of late

 This too this in one quick engineering guide, stunning what people can do

 Lovely image

 V12 F1 Engine

 One of my favorites

 2 very epic motorcycles

 Now I really really like this

Yep, that's about it for now. Spread the word, bookmark the new web site, and be inspired, above all be inspired. Change your life and change your bike, chase a dream and don't let dickheads get in your way. Ride on. Thank you, that's all for this week.


  1. Wow loved this collection Grant ... Thanks for the time and effort you invest creating these photographic blogs ... Cheers Marc M