Monday, 12 September 2016

Welcome back, How's your week been? I had a great weekend, did a loop of the Coromandel, and could not believe that I have not been that way for over 20 years. What fantastic roads and what views. Amazing to see the Sky Tower all the way from there, that's for sure. Roads were a bit rough in places but mostly pretty bloody good. The Diavel certainly has one very very worn out set of tyres, and I need to sort that out before the trip down south in a few weeks time. Looking forward to the classic meeting, lot's of TZ's RG's, H2's and a few of my mates riding them, so it should be a whole lot of fun.. So I did the Whitianga Scallop festival this weekend, and while sitting in the sun we were hearing stories of rain, hail sleet from further south. I could not believe the contrast in our weather fortunes. Some interesting images appearing this week, Katana's as the conversation seems to have turned to them in the last few weeks., they seem to have all disappeared from our roads, and then I see two together, and now they seem to be popping up all over the place. They are still a great bike, and I am happy to have more images of them here. Got a new container load of bikes in last week and am intending to pick them up this week, and have quite a few more ordered, so all getting busy that's for sure. I'd love to sell a few more it has to be said. But I forget that I've only been doing this for 8-9 weeks now, so we will see how things move along. So here's this weeks blog enjoy and spread the word. Oh Oh T shirts here in about 2 weeks as well.

 Tractors are pretty flash these days, certainly not like when I drove them, my one didn't even have a window, or a roll cage for that matter.
 Sex on wheels, I love em.

 Goldwings are starting to attract an awful lot of attention in the cafe scene.

 Love these old tool boxes
 Now this is a well done motorcycle, RG in a 250 frame

 What a great shot, this epitomizes all that is good in our world.

 Used to spend all our weekends doing this.

 Elvis in a McClaren

 What were you doing at the age of 18?

 Now this bike is a damned attractive motorcycle, this is a world class custom thats for sure.
 Right we need to change the 12th gear for this circuit.

Sob sob, I miss my two.

 This is a pretty nice custom as well, very well done, proportions right, finish right, well done that man.

 Pretty interesting design here

 What a barn find

 Who among you remembers these

 These bikes have always looked right. That tank against that engine is prefect.

 This Diavel looks great, but I think that reach to the bars is just a tad too long.

 Titanium Ducati frame anyone?

Well that's all from me this week. Got loads to do and hopefully some bikes to sell. The sun is streaming in here right now, and I'm certainly enjoying the temperatures. I know we will get one more big winter blast, just to keep us on our toes, but hey plenty to do inside eh? Check out my web site in about a weeks time, with a whole bunch of new bikes, you never know you just may find what you don't need, and weren't looking for.

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