Monday, 19 September 2016

It's late Sunday night, I'm sitting here trying to watch the World super bikes with a beer and my lap top. Had a busy old weekend, getting bikes ready for sale and out the door. Had a great week actually with some sold plus a whole lot of new ones arrived during the week. Spent a couple of days in Wellington which is always nice, went and had a beer at the Malt House and a coffee at prefab two of my favorite haunts down there. But I was on a mish, so in and out and another mammoth effort of driving and hauling a trailer. Got some great bikes and it looks like a couple of these are already gone, so all good. Daylight saving next week, so the evening rides out to the country pub are on the horizon again, it was 24 degrees here today, roller door up, tunes belting out and a somewhat steady stream of people visiting. It always amazes me how there is this bond between motorcyclists that seems to draw people out, and the more that people come here and see the place, the more the word will get out, so if your in this part of the world, give me a call, I'm only too pleased to stop for a chat, a beer or what ever, but I am always up for a discussion on motorcycles. And speaking of which, here's this lot for you to enjoy, so enjoy.

It's a lonely old night out on the salt flats looking for the extra mile an hour
Some early New Zealand motorcycle shots

Richard Scott giving the RZ a bit of a hiding, he was always getting into 'fun'.
Dallas Rankin on his early Kawasaki

Nice Goldwing, looks real good I think

I was thinking about inserting the lights under the seat like this and then BOOM someone does it, never mind, I've a few more up my sleeve haha

Wanganui, yeah bring it on, got our digs at the Avenue sorted, we are all go.

Noice mate noice there's always room in my garage for a Le Man, always

An RZ500 in a TDM?
Nothing like a pot full of crabs

Arch motorcycles do quite a nice job.

I know lets make our own, and they did

This is pretty cool
But this is cooler

TRaining for the next move on George


Classic Cycles have the nicest workshop

Check out the rear brake, how nice is that?
Ohhh yes please

Your allowed to eat this when your out with the chucks

Now this is just not fair

Rossie rides a sea of yellow, amazing the following this guy has

See what you can do, take a really cool bike and make it into .....well a really cool bike

Love this piece of joinery, no motorcycles but attention to design detail is up there with the gods
They are here, now.

Great Jeans

What a great scene

Paint people

And you jsut have to ask.....Why?

Crack up really

Going to build a space just like this I think

And the OUCH is coming

What a barn find eh?

Mr beckham out for a ride, good on him.

Now I love this scene, I wish we had more places like this here, they just seem to have the right style about them, not too sure about those motorcycles with no bloody engines though, it wouldn't take to long to move these guys along. Brappppp brapppppp

That's all folks, and a note to everyone, enjoy the Distinguished Gentleman's ride this weekend, I have made a donation but am not attending due to the rules regarding the types of bike allowed to attend. I think rules are fucking stupid, it beggars belief that you can have a great idea, that turns into a fantastic thing world wide and then come along with rules thats bars certain bikes and fuck it all up.
Have a great week folks, daylight saving is nearly here, and the evening rides are about to commence, which way shall we go guys?

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