Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hello, once again, just had a pretty busy weekend getting my shit together, it's been real good. Sold a couple of motorcycles which is always good, got my living arrangements sorted out ( which is really good), and even managed to get in a very small ride through the back of Auckland on what can only be described as a maniac motorcycle. My riding legend mate lent me his Aprilia 550 adventure bike which was a real hoon. Jeeze you could lose your license on those things really easy that's for sure. Even managed to pop the odd wheelie as well,haven't done that in years and admittedly they weren't that good, but a couple gave me that taste of my youth. I said to him afterwards " shit why didn't we have bikes like that when we were young and unbreakable".  Light 75Hp and so much tourque it wasn't funny. It's true, the selection of motorcycles today is just amazing, and as I was driving along the motorway I got passed at speed by a new H2 Kawasaki, now those are a real weapon that's for sure. Watched a couple of cafe racer BMW's park up in Mt Eden and disappear into a cafe, and then a couple of Monsters heading at speed over the Harbour bridge. Saw a guy on a Vincent having a discussion with the boys in blue on the side of the road ( they were smiling, so I'm guessing the police just wanted to look at his bike), and then last night I had 2 early model Katanas over take me in the pissing down rain. It made me stop and think, that our motorcycling here in this country certainly runs deep and wide. Isn't it great, we are certainly blessed here, with lots of great bikes both old and new, fantastic roads, great scenery, and a brotherhood of motorcyclists like no other. Anyway enough I say on with this weeks installment, enjoy and spread the word. Oh got a new shipment of bikes here in a few weeks so keep an eye on the web site www.carbonartcustoms.com. Pretty excited about a couple of them, as I have a new custom lined up for one of them.

Stand up Mr Bob Haldane, this is such a great image of one our early racers here in NZ. Bob is a particularly nice guy who has such a rich racing history here, and has supported many a racer over the years. I just think the image is brilliant. 

I've a friend who has a GSX 1100 who wants to modify it into a fire breathing Katana, can't wait to not only help him, but also to see his vision of what it will look like.

 This is obviously wrap as plastic cars don't rust, but it looks pretty good

 Kind of like me last weekend

 Nice Guzzi.

You know they are still a great bike, and they look as contemporary today as when they left the factory 25 years ago.

 On very very nice MV custom, this is lovely

 Boys in their garages, it will never stop.

 What a great idea, who thought of this?

 What you can find if you look.

 Nice work.

 What a great looking bar

 I had one of these once, although this one is pretty radical, these are a great bike.

 When big is massiver

 Obviously before alcohol and drug testing.

 Still one of the most instantly recognizable and iconic motorcycles of all time.

 I'd rather have a road, a long tank, and small turned down handlebars going at speed than do this, but each to his own.

 Like a lot

 Words can't describe this, imaging if we all just rode motorcycles

 Love this lady

 What a great shot.........................................

 You can feel the speed here, armco barrier, tip in and away up the hill. Kenny and Spa.

 How to turn a pig into a silk purse

 Funny eh when you see one that's different, you like it so much.

 Welding turned into art

 Bloody Legend.

This has just gone pear shaped

Nice garage

ZRX1200Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....................lovely engine, great bike

And that's all for this week. Glad you stopped by and took an hour or so to see and read my ramblings. It must be about time to go and have that coffee now, gotta pick up a bike from brake Dec and rego, pick another one up having some titanium bits welded ( I can't do that yet), pick up a Bimota get it vinned, and order some parts and give a Ducati the once over for it's new owner.
Have a great week won't you, see you all very soon.

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