Monday, 17 October 2016

Hola.... and welcome back to this weeks episode of all things motorcycle lifestyle, and a bit more. There seems to be a bit more content this week, thats because  I now have my laptop finally up and running and had the time to peruse and search the web for some of the best images out there. Been a busy week or two it seems it never stops really haha. I bought myself a new wagon this week to move bikes around, I got tired of trailers so bought myself a new Falcon Ute which arrives today. Looking forward to getting down to ground level again. The Touareg has finally gone which is a bit sad, as it's been a fantastic vehicle, but the new ute is a whole lot friendlier as far as transporting bikes on. So looking forward to that. What else has been happening? Got my placed booked for the big boys toys, so keep an eye out for us if you are there. Started the new custom in the weekend, I've got a 999 Superbike and its' definitely going to be a green frame Homage, quite excited about that. Just tentatively purchased an F1 750 which will be nice to have. Plans are to restore it to 100% original, and have also placed an order for a Guzzi's and a couple of other interesting bikes as well, so keep an eye out for those. Bought another bike ramp this week, as I need to have the customs over there and the daily bikes over here. So there you go busy busy again. Oh keep your eye out for the Classic bike race meeting in Timaru in December, I've heard that there are going to be plenty of classic TZ's and RG's racing plus there are rumors of a couple of pretty famous people from the early 70's racing scene that will be in attendance to. Really looking forward to the ride down and being able to see these fantastic machines being raced here again. Shades of the Marlborough Series all over again.

 Check this out, the worlds largest sail boat, amazing bit of expensive kit that's for sure.Check out how big the trucks are at the wharf!!!!!

 Clever paint, not my thing, but I can appreciate the work that's gone into it.

 Here's that ship again, check out the scale compared to 'normal' yacht beside it
The dude in the white shirt is about to shit himself.
 Brand new for 2017. What goes around eh?

 Nice work here

Every man deserves a great pair of boots, ones that you can ride in all day and then walk into a bar and feel dressed for the occasion. You know when you walk into a bar with motorcycle boots on and everyone can hear you clomping to the bar, well get rid of that by getting a good pair of boots like these.

Now isn't this a pretty wee jigger?

Still the nicest tank out there

Now this is a beautiful custom, how nice does this look?

The devil is in the detail, one of the nicest paint schemes I've seen for a while. Although I'd be having a word to the person who did the stiitching
My good friend Gary Goodfellow back in the day. Has has just sponsored this years sidecar championship, it's called giving back, good on yah mate.

This looks pretty purposeful.

He's pretty happy and relaxed

A nice whiskey, some cheese,  some ham, and some bread, the simple things in life are really what it is all about. Nothing better then stopping on the side of a rod somewhere as opposed to the greasy takeway and having a nice relaxing afternoon listening to the ticking of your motorcycle engine.

This is a fuck up/

I'll bet he never saw that coming, Sorry

You are allowed to eat food like this.

Still one of the nicest views of any motorcycle....ever.....
What a barn find

Saw an absolutely stunning RZ250 this morning, better then new, guy wanted $18K for it.

These images of the Kawasaki 900 production line

RZ500 in a box, wouldn't that be nice, they are still out there.

I remember these when they came out and were racing in England, nice color scheme. Paul Lewis was the racer on them.

Now we all talk about proportion, a bikes got to look right, I think this guy got a bit ut of hand with the seat unit, it's about 3 times too big for the bike and ruins what is a nice looking motorcycle

Pretty sure thats you Richard.

A lovely little Guzzi

1 left 50 2 right mind the twin bumps

This Kawasaki looks brilliant
Lovely Agusta

This is what happens when planes go bump in the night, a major fuck up here.

And that folks is about all I have for you this week. Time to start pouring over the green frame images to see how I can get the 999 into some sort of shape for the up coming build. I hope your all starting to get those bikes out of the garage and getting tune ups and oil changes in preparation for the coming summer, it's going to be great, and I for one can't wait to get out there and do some riding. Take care and enjoy your bikes and your lifestyle, and don't let anyone take it away from you.

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