Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hello there to you all. I'm a few days late due to me being away picking up more motorcycles and getting things sorted out. It's been a busy few days ( again), and I'm a bit knackered to tell you the truth, all this driving is starting to get to me. No mind, the sun is out and I've just got to get on I suppose. Been very interested in the INTERMOT this year, new Ducatis, new customs and new bobbers everywhere, it's great to see the industry thriving. jesus, there are some nice bikes being built that's for sure, and the paint!!!!!! oh the paint. Some bikes I look at and think shit how did they come up with that? Just amazing work that's for sure. I bought a Ducati Superbike 999S this week, it's a bit of a wreck, but a very good basis for my next custom, I was thinking about doing a Homage to the green frame, never seen one before, so that's decided. I start work on it in a couple of weeks time once my new bench gets here and I can put it up. Really excited by this bike, Ohlins front and rear, great engine, and straight as. So keep your eyes for the progress. Of course it's for sale, so if someone wants a real nice custom, you can buy it now and have your input into the bike as to what you want.

Well enough on with the blog, enjoy.

Here's that 999 I was talking about, it's going to make one hot custom that's for sure.

Terry you want gold wheels, I keep telling you

Looks a lot like another GT I know...Hmmmmm

Burning it up, what a great image
This is about as perfect as you can get

Nice detailing

The wall in Marvic's office, pretty cool


Now these guys are magicians, plain and simple, if you have a good electrical technician, treat him well
Nicely done.

This made me laugh

Nice lounge room I think
How cool are these, pretty sure that's a 360 in the back, I had one of those and I still miss it.

Now I know these photos have been all over the net, but you just gotta feel for the guy ( and have a wee smirk as well). Looks like he tore the back end right off of it.

That'll polish out I'm sure

Ouch and double ouch
great paint work, the layout is spot on

I liked this, a twin throat Webber but housing fuel injection, how cool is that


These Griso's look bloody brilliant, what a cool bike.

Nice Vince, real nice

Out there, doing it.

Very nice

There's been a few of these surface of late, and starting to fetch some real money

Love this Guzzi

See? Now how nice is this bundle of muscle?

He was famous in the day that's for sure.

Drool over this interior, where does that upholsterer work?
Very well done Ducati
Kiwi as bro.


Our very own kiwi boy sticking it to the big guys go Mr. Paddon

Love the way this painter has the Yamaha floating, nice work

Now this variant of the Kawasaki I like too.

Pretty in any garage

We need more places like this.

These have been on here before, but they deserve another look because they are fucking gorgeous.

You all know I like them, so why not. If you've never ridden one go find one and have a ride, you will know then

It's all getting a little crazy don't you think, all for speed so it can't be all that bad.

Still one of the finest views of an engine

That's all folks, I've kind of hit the wall today. Hope you enjoyed yourself here in my world, and next week I will be on time I promise.

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