Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hey hey to the faithful. Lovely first up image this week of my Guzzi mate Vince power down the front straight at manfield on his Guzzi. Nice shot Vince, that's a large wall mounted framed image for sure. What a week ( again), spent three days at the big boys toys, it was OK, but not as good as the motorcycle show one, that was far more interesting. Lots of nice new Astons and McLarens to look at. jeeze those car guys know how to put a great product together, you can really see where the money goes that's for sure. So I've had a busy time, selling plenty of bikes and have started on the new custom for the coming summer. I've bought some new gear as well, tools for the shop which is good, just got another bike ramp so that customs have their own place in the shop, new English wheel, and a tig machine as well. Have to pull out those long forgotten welding skills and brush up on things. haha that should be fun. It's been years since I welded a urinal together, or a stair rail.
Sorry I'm a little late this week, I've had the busiest few days, and I thought I was up here to relax a little. Hah!!!!! Well here it is, so enjoy t please. And keep your comments coming and share as much as you like. Not too much else for me to say ( not like me at all), 

Nice backyard for sure

Juts received my first shipment of Bell helmets, quite excited to be able to sell this premium product.

Found these amzing images of old works transporters, classy looking outfits.

Nice front end.
And a nice.... well you get the drift

How nice does this factory finish look

I remember when

It's all about the paint, not the bass

A very famous image of the Cagiva

Look what I found, drool

BANG " what the fuck was that old boy".

OUCH!!!!!!! How to make a short stroke engine in one revolution

Now I don't usually put images up with pithy sayings on them, but this one had particular resonance with me, and it applies to you as well.

Daytona beach in 1957, life seemed so much easier then. NO rules, no police just people enjoying themselves.

I loved the way the benches sank into the floor here, what a great idea.

And that dear folks is that for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. Got a fairly quiet week in front of me now, so hopefully I'll be on time next week. Beer time me thinks.