Monday, 7 November 2016

Hello, and welcome once again to this weeks stunning episode of most things motorcycle. It's been a strange week, had a couple of bikes go out and then had some more come in, and some pretty nice ones at that. I'm sitting here deciding on what to do next, or which custom to start next, I think it will be the 1000cc Dual Spark monster actually. My finger is hovering over the buy now buttons for new clip ons, new triple clamps, exhaust systems and body work at present. I've just purchased a whole lot of more shop machinery as well. band saws, english wheels, and am currently trying to decide which is the best layout for the shop, as I fill it up, I change my mind about where things should be and how best to make things work as best they can, so decisions decisions. Got a big fishing trip coming up and a big ride to Timaru as well, then of course there is Wanganui Boxing day, got our rooms all booked at the Avenue right beside the pool, so am looking forward to that. It's always good at Wanganui. It's been raining here non stop for 14 hours, so not much to do with the bikes except tear down the Monster, so without twiddling around too much here's this weeks raft of great images for you all. I heard that an old acquaintance of mine fell off of his adventure bike a few weeks back and did some damage to himself, nobody likes to hear those things, so to him I wish him well in his recovery and trust that he will be back up and riding sooner rather then later. Anyways on with the show.

There seem to be quite a few Ducatis in this weeks post, come on Guzzi pick it up

These B'mers are real nice, who would of thought of leaving that acreage of fiber glass on the bike and make it look good.

That's better from Guzzi, a nice wee motorcycle from any angle.

I don't get sponsored by Tag, but i love their watches, everything about them is engineering and style to the max, this one is my new favorite.

I was thinking about buying an old Chrysler as doing it up for my shop ute, didn't see many then this image pops up, how cool are these?
A very very nice Guzzi

My friend Gary Goodfellow after a Baja bust. It's looking better already

Mick and Gary on the Mexican Pacific coast somewhere.
This is well done, love the paint scheme, great design.
Gazzarh in the dessert

yes you are allowed this food type if you are riding around the country
Paint work, how good does this bike look.

A very clean and simple bike, looks great


Mr Phillis doing it a few years back
As was Mr Lawson GOAT.

Leoni racing were in their day at the very top of American racing, built some beautiful motorcycles

Had the opportunity to view one of these up close last week at Big Boys, it was stunning, the leather work was absolutely mesmerizing in it;s perfection


Ram air goodness

Now this IS nice

I love this image
Stoner was a master, it has to be said, not many liked him but he could ride a bike.

Ouch, who has been here, it must have sounded like when you put a card in your rear spokes to make noise when he finally went in.

About perfect

The two differing styles of Kawasaki and Ducati

A nice makeover

At least he's not in the car.

This is what a Bentley GT Continental wiring loom looks like, amazing eh?

This is what happens when friends and ideas collide. " I want a Katana". I know where one is and next thing here it is. A bit tired, but all there minus the choke dial,  the new owner knows what he's doing and what he wants, so in no time this thing will look amazing.

See Honda can build some beautiful bikes.

Check out the craftmanship that's gone into the deck of this boat.

Wonder where his exhaust went
Shaun, still crazy after all these years
To think I turned one of these down when living in London for 7000 pound.

And that boys and girls is that, have a great week, i am sure that the sun will come out and we can all go riding, I need new tyres for the Diavel this week in prepp for the bike ride south, so work to be done. have a great week and catch up with you all over the next couple of months as I travel around.

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