Tuesday, 15 November 2016

It's that time of the week again. Been to Wellington and back dropped off a bike, picked a couple up. Man did it rain, and rain, I'm kind of glad I don't live there anymore, I had forgotten about the rain and the chill factor Brrrhhh. Never mind, back into up here, bikes coming and going at a good rate which is good, because I have most of the later part of the month off going bike riding and high country fishing which I am really looking forward too. Got a new project on the go, just a minor make over, turning a Monster into a Homage to Mike Hailwood, it's just paint and a few engine mods, but it keeps my painter happy and busy. Well not much else to report really except that I can't wait for the ride down south ( if we can make it what with the earthquakes smashing most of the roads to death, and the ferries being stopped). Shit that quake was a good un, that's for sure. Kinda glad I missed out on that, wonder how my apartment down there is? Guess we will all find out over the next few days. Anyways my thoughts are with my family, friends and riding buddies and I hope that everything is OK for you all down there.

 Well I happen to think that Ducati are making quite a nice job of the new Scrambler, looking quite sharp.

 Dug up in one of the pyramids by the looks of it.

 Nice barn find

 This device is used for cutting trees next to high tensile power lines in hard to get at places

 Still a beautiful shape and one of the most powerful seats to sit in.

 The original superbike garage

 Blast doors

 Unmistakable rear seat and exhaust

 I've been waiting for a nice Guzzi custom to come along, and now it has, this is very very nice
 They still look fast, even after all these years

I can now start making stuff like this, looking forward to my lessons and to making this sort of thing.

 How amazing is this image. I know it's a site about motorcycle lifestyles and cafe racers, but the dude steering the boat has a Honda C90, so it's in.

 I have a client that wants one of these.

I love these things, what great little bikes, that pack a punch too!!!!

The newest scrambler to the range, and this time a proper dirty bike.

getting it ONnnnnnnn

This made me laugh.

Would love a work truck like this.
Jesus, they don't half pack things in now.

Me Likey

Yah leap for joy, this weeks one is finished, and what better way than to finish off with my favorite car being leaped for joy.

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