Monday, 16 January 2017

Hi there to the faithful, jeeze it's trippin along, this year I mean, so much seems to be happening. Selling a few bikes which is always good, and buying too. I just bought a ZRX1100 and those of you who follow this blog will know that I just love these bikes, so looking forward to it arriving and getting into it with paint and some small customising to it. That will mean that between me and my mates we will have three here ready to ride, so that should be good. Also starting to formalize the basic concepts for a bike show here in Tauranga as well, but that's only ideas at the moment. Would be interested in hearing from people if they are interested in a cafe style built not bought type show here in the winter less North. My F1 is now a runner and if I can make it happen or more to the point if my mate who also has one can make it happen we are looking to heading to Paeroa for the races on them, so any F1 owners out there that want to go lets try and get as many in place as we possibly can. It would look good to have a big line up of F1's sitting under the trees. Let me know.
Well on with this weeks installment, I know you will like this one as there seems to be plenty of images of the feminine kind if you know what I mean. It's just the way it happens when I go searching for images, so enjoy.

Life is like a box of chocolates.

Pretty little things

How nice does this look?

So classic, tide, engineered and stunning.

Cafe's you ask, why does he put so many pictures of cafes in the blog. I just do OK?

When you see somehting thats put together right, you just know it right

The Red barn in Te Horo buring down, pretty sad as it was a good coffee place.

 Paint paint paint, so many people personalize their bikes and forget about the helmet, personally i think it matters.

 Typical, go as hard as you can right till the end.

 It's almost too hard to take all of this in, centralised mass, everything that is required and nothing more

 How iconic is this shape, instantly recognizable and oh so lovely.
And what a beautiful image to finish with this week. News flash as from next week the Blog will come out on a Sunday night, as I believe that you all have more time on a Sunday that on a Tuesday morning, that's really a hangover from my Chemo days when Tuesday mornings were drug free and I was quite lucid. So enjoy and see you all on Sunday.

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