Monday, 9 January 2017

Well, it's time to pack away the jetski and get on with some serious work. I've just had a new shipment of bikes come in, keep an eye out for them on a great range of very clean and tidy motorcycles. Well that was a nice wee break that's for sure, had a couple of rocking rides with my buddies and pretty much just kicked back and had a good time. On the way to National park heading to Wanganui this year we came across an Eldorado Guzzi, two up, open face helmets, hard panniers, tent tied across the back, old leathers the both of them, and when he saw us come up behind him he nailed it and got the old ferry weaving and moving around until about 160K's plus, it was totally magic to watch and totally great to have a bit of a blast with an older bike, so if your out there and are reading this then good on you, I loved the way you hustled that old jigger.. As for the new Porsche down the side of the lake, you may neat us through the twisties ( only just), but in the end you will always get caught and over taken. Then two of my mates were coming to Wanganui on Boxing day morning , both are very accomplished riders and both ride very well, but they came across a guy just heading onto the Para paras, he was standing up on his bike and remained that way the entire 65k's, and my mates said that they had to hustle to stay with this guy, so out there somewhere is a particularly talented motorcycle rider who obviously knows no bounds and can ride that way, to him, good on you sir. So it brings my thinking around to the fact that our community of motorcyclists is a many varied and talented pool of people, aren't we lucky and I thank what ever forces are in play that we have this.

I got this message last week which made me smile,.

Just wanted to say thanks for the best blog on the Ol' interwebs.
I met you at big boys toys and you told me about your blog. Now I've lost DAYS to it. Love it all. The bikes, cars, planes, ladies..... All appeal to my aesthetic. Keep up the good work sir!

Here's the blog let's get on with it eh?

Getting ready to GO. Wangas here we come.

How cool is this plane?

My fellow lizards in Wanganui.
The Rees Honda outfit looks bloody proffessional

Meeting the Man's nephew

Look what you can find if you look hard enough

How big is one horse power, pretty frickin big by the looks of it!!!!

Biggus Dickus Ha ha

A hot sunny afetrnoon on a back road near you

Four after burners is better then none

The reason why I plug Tag is that I bought one 18 years ago, it's been off of my wrist less than 5 times since, it is flawless, unscratched and still tells the exact time, I like quality engineering and I like great value for money, it cost $3K then so divided by the days I've had it thats 2 cents a day, and its going up in value. But time for this new timepiece the Monza, I love it.

There were found in a Belgium motorcycle shop after the owner had died. This was a few years ago, but what a find. All Interstate Nortons and all brand new. 17 in total?

 Four is always better then 1

 Loved this images of how we thought we all looked so cool back then.


 Quite possibly one of the best race bikes ever made, this thing has stance, menace, speed, aggression, and nasty written all over it.
 But it is also jaw droppingly gorgeous

Ouch, that's one way to get carpet burns, if you know what I mean.

 Nice hooters, think I spelt Scooter wrong ha ha

 Just call me SIR

 If your going to buy a watch this year make sure it's a Tag Heuer

 Just got sexier

This guy is my hero, he's stand out funny. Makes me laugh every time I see this. Oh well that's me for this week, hope you enjoyed yourselves for a few quiet minutes, and I hope to see you all out there on the road.


  1. Thank you so much for doing this! These are the best postings. I always look forward to them.

  2. The pic captioned... "My fellow lizards in Wanganui."
    They guy in the background driving the blue Commodore.... Best photo bomb!!!