Friday, 20 January 2017

OK, OK, I've been doing some thinking and I've decided to bring the blog out on a weekend so that you can all get the time to breeze through the images I've selected for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. So hopefully you'll have been for a ride, are at home now still buzzing, have poured your self a great home brewed APA and the house is still quiet as the kids are out and there is time to sit down and catch up on things. So here it is, the weekend special for you all.

Had a visitor to the shop last week, nice to see my mate Aaron call in, pity he didn't pick up a broom though haha. But he did pick up a T shirt!!!!!!

Don't you just love 60's design, I mean check out the balance in the dash, the way the lines run through into the doors, and the burnished alloy center console is just a work of art. The seat upholstery is just fantastic with it's bolstered side panels to hold you in. Just lovely

Joking right?

Hmmm not too sure about the oil cooler position


Don't ever complain again about traffic, these guys have only had cars really for the last 15 years and look at what has happened.

How to make your own radial brake kits

These things were menacing when they came out, scared the shit out of me.

Some how this color scheme always looks great when it dirty and has oil dripping down it.

It always pays to look right at intersections


DB1SR, rare as hens teeth

Lorenzo obviously is getting on well with his new bike.

People ask me why I have TAG on here, I guess it's because of the quality of engineering, the excellence in design and the aesthetic, they look fantastic and you will wear them for more years than you'll know. It's the kind of thing your grand kids will pull out of a drawer when your gone, and it will still be ticking and then they will put it on their wrist and go "cool".

I wonder what they talk about at morning tea. You'd think with all this automation that cars would be even cheaper

Lorenzo having a play with his new toy for next year.

Instantly recognizable, and still beautiful after all these years

This is actually a white train, but after several 300mph plus runs it gets this color through bugs, and pollution

Lowered and stretched

A Duesenburg V18

I want to know who built it?

Still new after all these years, this in the day was the bees knees, it was the set up to have
Lego Guzzi hahaha

To infinity and beyond

Nice work going on here

How good does this look?

Paint paint paint

A beautiful little custom

I don't know the story behind this, but what a waste

Kinda sad really

This is a mold for a wind turbine blade, amazing!!!!
A very very tidy and beautiful Triumph, check out that paint.

That jump, how famous has this become

I think he's in trouble

I used to wear Lewis leathers and Lewis leather boots when I dispatched in London, still remember their store in central London

My one arrives in the next few days

So that's all for now, time to hit the road and go for a ride, not just me all of you too. Get out there.

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