Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Well aren't you the lucky ones, due to me being away at 'The Long Lunch", I have to put this weeks blog out earlier than normal, and it's slightly bigger too, so bonus all round. I have been looking forward to this weekends affair for quite some time. A couple of years ago it was decided that it would be good for riders/racers past and present to catch up in a relaxed informal atmosphere and have a great afternoon over a glass of wine and a barbeque. I should imagine that this will involve tales of far long forgotten Grand Prix's, world superbike meetings, world championships won and lost, bikes stolen, tales of night time parties and general gallivanting that we all know used to happen. I intend to take some images and put them up in the next blog. It should be a great time, it will be a great time.
So here I am sitting in my office, it's been a busy week putting the ZRX back together again, and I cant wait for that. I've still got parts from all over the world arriving and I'm getting impatient. Went to Pukekohe last week for the classic meeting, it was a good meeting, but the highlight was the ride home. It was so hot that i could feel the heat going up my leather jacket sleeve, I've never experienced that before, amazing weather and stunning roads out there in the Waikato, high speed cruising was in order, and sometimes I forget that, that this is what we do, we ride, we stop and have a beer with mates, we have a bit of a tussle with another rider on the road, and we get home shagged. As my mate Scotty says "Living the Dream".
Enjoy the blog and please share with as many people, I'm trying to get over 4,000,000 hits this year and it's getting close.

I do love these older Guzzi's they have that thing called stance

Lets put this steel band right in front of his face shall we, that seems like a great idea

I don't like putting up images with words all over them, but these two cracked me up

Nice office

She'll be right mate

A twin earth eating machine, Jesus this thing is huge.

I'd say that was knackered then.

Beautiful workmanship in any ones language.

When Buell closed the doors again!!!!

Getting his adventure ride on.

Suzuki's new toy for the year

Rossi trying out his new thing for this coming year, can't wait for the start

Stoner trying out their new thing for the year, these guys have some interesting technology this to do with anti chatter, jounce boxes, spinning wheels, it's all pretty cool. I love technology.

At the classic meeting this weekend gone.
Guzzi's are pretty cool

If this were a lolly shop, these would have been called Zingers and you can get them in all sorts of colors

Pipe porn
One of the nicer paint jobs I've seen in a while. Gossy this is what your Honda should have looked like.

George trying out his new toy for this year, how do you think he will go? I hope bloody well.

Righty ho then, lets just lop the back cylinder off and see what happens. As it turns out this one did a vale and the other blew. But having said that still bloody beautiful work and really great engineering.

Another 5lbs pressure should do it.

Vale Vale Vale

Plenty of Ducatis at the classic this weekend.

Another round case spied at the classic

Love this image this week, F1's where they should be. I always loved the way that when you rode two of these together, the engines would kind of sync up and you could hear the engines turning together like there was some sort of harmonics going on

My mate Wayne's tidy little LC350

Goldwings eh? Who would have thought that they could mix it in the cafe scene.
Jed Rices very very tidy little Ducati. almost too nice to race, almost too nice not to race.

Drool, why oh why did I sell mine, because I didn't know, oh and I wanted a GSXR1100, yeah that's right one of them

Classic Ducatis again

How nice is this, just sitting quietly in pit lane.

I'd love a work ute like this.

The Paso, was either loved or hated, that Webber was the stuff of nighmares
But then you see it with it's clothes on and it is a stunner, personally I think they are every bit as important as the 916, I mean what else was being built at the time that looked like this.

What a great shot, there's an opening for someone in this country to go around and take images of all the old racers, because we have hundreds here, great character studies. Mike?

Hmmm like this alot.

Who remembers these? Try and bu one now eh?

That is an engine

You'd never know until you see it like this. Look how big and fat ( and fast) they have got.

The new Kharman Ghia concept, me like a lot

Heaven on a stick, Nirvana here black with Tobacco interior, just perfect

Mark getting it down and on.

I love these things, what epic cars

Right, that's all from this week, Coffee is in order, have a great weekend, get amongst it and ride.
Ciao for now.

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