Friday, 3 February 2017

Hello to you all, how's your first month back on the treadmill been treating you? It's a pain in the arse looking out the window knowing that there are roads to be ridden, and mates to catch up on, but work gets in the way. Had a nice mid week ride this week, my mate Haydn came up and we managed to get him out on a nice ZRX for a bit of a blast through some amazing roads in the Waikato and then to a country pub for a quiet lunch and an ale, so that was nice, great to see you mate. Really looking forward to the next few weeks as a number of events are creeping up, the Classic at Pukekohe, The Long Lunch ( but more on that later), My good friend Jass without doubt New Zealand's fastest Indian is going racing for the first time, that should be a lot of fun for him, and for us. Three ZRX's in the hood now, mine arrived today, so looking forward to getting that all blinged and road ready. It's been a long time since I had one and I can't wait. Speaking of not waiting here's this weeks installment for your enjoyment, get on with it.

Always were a pretty tank

Somewhere in a quiet Italian garage, they wait

Love this color, will have to use it some day.
Aint 3D modelling great
A whole room full of fun

Did this job on my helmet a few years back to match my MT01

What a barn find

I love images like this show casing modern technology

Check out just how big the Yamaha M1 engine is!!!!!

Nice work this seat.

I just love neat work, and this is tidy.

Mr.Bowie before he became Mr. David Bowie working in the BMC plant building Mini's.

A stunning mix of old and new


She looks very comfortable doing this.

Russian rockets are pretty impressive too.

that's a spicy meatball

V tidy

Great design work on this paint, so many layers all working in conjunction with one another

The Nuda, a precursor to the Katana

You'd be up all night, if you know what i mean. Now that is an oyster!!!

My first race bike started as one of these.

The boys out carvin.

Well tha's another one done, cheers for looking in, please share with your mates and spread the word about this little corner of the web, that is here almost exclusively for you people. Have a great weekend, I'm off to the classic race meeting now, so till next time keep it sunny side up.

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