Thursday, 16 February 2017

Welcome, and a very warm greeting to you all. What a busy couple of days socialising with motorcyclists. I had the honor to be invited to a very quiet affair called the long lunch last weekend, and what an affair it was. As part of the rules I am not allowed to divulge exactly where it was and who was actually there. Needless to say a few world motorcycle champions and more than a brace of world superbike winners, IOM winners, Endurance racers of the 24 hour king, works grand Prix riders, more NZ championships than you could poke a con rod at, quite a few Australian championships thrown in for good measure, Suzuka 8 hour winners you name it pretty much and they were all there. It was an afternoon of so much to listen to and so much to hear, the tales and the stories were what you and I mere mortals just read about or watched the videos of. Fantastic day and I must admit to being a bit of an interloper as I have non of those credentials, just a couple of sad race wins in early BEARS and that's about it for me. But I was there and considered myself fairly humbled to be amongst some of the best racers of that era. I came away so astounded by the richness and the depth of New Zealanders involved in motorcycle racing and the technical inputs that we also contributed. These effects are still being felt in MotoGP to this very day, so all in all it was a great day. Finished of my day a bottle of J&B with lashings of Coca Cola. Did you know that this whiskey is the only whiskey in the world that works really well with Coke. Don't believe me, try it.
Anyways enough blah blahing here's this weeks Blog for you enjoy.

Me at my last ever race meeting, two GT round cases one a stunning road bike and the other a pretty nice replica. Wish I still had them both. Note my pit crew ha ha, by this time I was not as important as I thought I once was in the pit and they abandoned me for the bar. Bastards
It was the bullet to the heart that got him

 Guzzi niceness abounds

 I just re-found this image of our ride 'Down South' two years ago, what a crew
 As my ZRX draws near to be finsihed the images are coming thick and fast in my browsing

 Now this one just looks mean, remember me saying something about stance, well here it is in all it's glory

 And check out this Kawasaki shop


 I've always liked these bikes and I will buy one in the next wee while.

 Perfect on a cold ride South in winter

 Moto martin turned out a good thing

 My pick to shake things up in MotoGP

 Hidden fins, clever eh?
 Hmmm these are nice too.
 But when all said and done these are nicerer.

 Now these buggers just knew how to insert passion into metal. I mean check out the line of this.

 Apparently this thing stops tyre chatter. Go figure the new word on everyones lips is Jounce.

 Love this image, I know I'm an oldish softie


 My good friend Gary has just bought one of these, I love em
 I'm stuffed if you can steer this thing, it's lock must be all of 5-8 degrees
 Noice mate Noice


 A stunning bike in anyone's world, I think this is just beautiful

 Talent gone, so sad.

 Guzzi's ditch really well

 How cool is this, I know it's been here before but everytime I see a new photo of it, I have to have it.
 You can help them choose their color scheme this year. Which one do you like the best?


 We also managed to get to Hampton Downs this weekend on the way home to wath our mate Jass have his first ever race. We actually watched this from a restaurant in downtown Auckland on our way there, but these photos turned up. Unfortunately his ambition exceeded his talent. I think Casey Stoner said that. First race two laps in and bang Jass was about to have a lesson in front end slides. Never mind he got up and had a great days racing. He was so buzzed by the entire thing, it was fantastic to be watch. Keep an eye for New Zealand's next fastest Indian.

He thought he was racing a bike, but then he thought he was racing a car, but then he realised that he didn't have a car.
 Ahhh the gravel calls those who dare to step over the line

And then you tme to contemplate the entire thing through your mind, usually front end thinking starts with " I didn't even know, them BAM, I was sliding"

 Of course he doesn't know where he's going how the fuck could he, he cant even see out the front of the bike.
 Nice is nice

 Lovely work mate.

 This is the only photo I have of the 'Long Lunch, all through the trees there were 900 Moriwaki replicas, 500 Yamaha two stroke GP bikes, Honda CBX's, just sprinkled around as if they were growing there.

How nice is this?

 Yes somewhere there is a shed

 The ultimate road food stop and order

 Nice bar, I wish we had these here!!!!!

 Gary G with his latest acquisition

 It's all about the paint

 I'm pretty sure that this is one of those GSX1400's but wearing a katana skirt, very nice
Suck squeeze bang blow pretty simple really
 This one is just bang, blow

Well that's all for this week, off to work you go.

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