Saturday, 11 March 2017

Many apologies followers, I've been away down in our capital sorting shit out. Had a whole bunch of new bikes turn up, so have to arrange that this coming week as well. Been busy on the ZRX, it's nearly ready for the big reveal as a finished motorcycle, so very excited about that. It's looking great. 

I was impressed with the numbers of bikes on the roads this week, plenty of GS1200's that for sure. happened across the Ferrari Rally in Taihape this week too. I've never seen so many in one place even one of these.

Then as we sat there watching all of these, it looked like the Chrysler Charger club had a run through as well. But what really got my attention was that between Taihape and that little place with the jet boat stuck on a mound, we counted 17-20 Police cars of various sorts driving around. Never seen so many Police in one area.
But never mind, I made it home through the rain and am now getting my workshop ready for the builders to start. Exciting project about to get underway, I'm building some walls to contain the workshop and separate out the bike storage area. Once I have done that I can actually start on 'real' bike building.
Anyways I digress, more on that later here';s this weeks blog for you all to peruse at your leisure.

What a cool transporter

The view from my apartment in Wellington

The Doctor at work

Always liked these, an appreciating classic if ever I saw one

I do like these as well.

My old workshop and home, miss this place.

I remember when this bike was first shown in a Cycle World magazine, I could think of nothing for weeks, I so desperately wanted one.

My old 996, miss this little toy, shit it's a classic car now haha. What a minter.

And that folks is about that. It's really early and I've got work to do today. Shave a great week, be inspired, get those bikes out in your sheds fettled and ready to ride, enjoy yourselves eh? Ciao

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