Thursday, 2 March 2017

Wow, we are in March!!!! That means that by the end of this month this blog will have had over 3,000,000 hits. Isn't that amazing, I can hardly believe it myself. You guys and girls must really love motorcycles,gorgeous women and the finer things that attract us motorcyclists to this life style. Good on you all, and thanks for the support, and continued words of encouragement. 
Not too much to say this week, except I've been out riding and I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of motorcyclists out there. I was sitting having a contemplative moment with my mate Scotty and we had Nortons, Z1's, Hyabusas, all sorts ride by, it was great to see and to be a part of. Even had a couple rock up on a Harley, they got all  in flagrante delicto with one another and disappeared off into the bushes, we just cracked up, and I got to thinking "man that's what it's all about". The freedom of the motorcycle and the ability to go anywhere and do what you want. Fantastic

Mmmmm, how nice are these, I mean I know I harp on about them, but really why would you not.
I'll get pulled up here, Joel Robert RH250 and De Costa 370

Vapour blasting is good, real good.

This is the T shirt that has my bike on the front of it. Shit 17 years ago.

I really like these

Shaun doing what Shaun loves doing

Don't you jsut love engineering, all this so you go go for a ride in the country

Just about the most perfect figure. Actually it is the most perfect figure I have seen

Jass, this is the bike I was talking about

There's a revival from the factories to re-build their successful bikes of the day, but with a hint of modern

Who remembers these old nails, when they came out everyone wanted one, ma great dispatch bike in the day

I have some friends that know this picture intimately, every nut and bolt. Clever bastards.

This is to me absolute heaven, I can taste this just by looking at it. Simple

she can nah handle it Jim.

These are really rocketing in value now.

As are these, if you can find one.

I remember back in the day when everyone wanted to wear leathers like this.

Jesus, look what he's jumping towards, never mind the train.

Paeroa, always jumps out in an attempt to get you.

What an amazing image, somewhere over PNG. That'd give you a fright

KTM's first attempt at MotoGP, looks to be alright.

 You know when people say the bike felt like it was hinge, this is what they meant

 Always nice to have a seat or two

And with that folks that's a wrap for the week. I'm away next week for a few days so there might be some interruption in the transmission, have a great week, see you all soon.
And remember spread the word, share the blog. See you.

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