Wednesday, 15 March 2017

 I'm starting to worry, I sat down this morning to commence with 'office matter', and thought to myself "shit it's Friday and I haven't even started this weeks blog". So two hours of quick scrambling to get this weeks images out and here it is. It's been such a busy old time, even with no new bikes in the shop ( more next week thank goodness). My Diavels in Wellington getting fixed from the fall I had down south ( snapped side stand bolt as I stopped and the bike fell over all cosmetic stuff but still a piss of), and the major service at the same time. I'm heading down to Wellington next week for the national Ducati Rally, I'm supposed to be giving a little talk about my time racing Ducatis here. Don't really know what I'm going to talk about but I will just wing it. I'm missing out on the Northern Lizard ride the same weekend too, so that a bit of a bummer. I received a nice present in the mail this morning, I got some beautiful Barstow Goggles which are absolutely amazing, the lens tint is just perfect for riding, so onto my open face they go. very excited to try these out. Don't know how much they cost, I know how much they cost me, but I don't know how much they will cost you haha. Anyways here's this weeks blog for you all, enjoy.

Here are those Barstow goggles I was talking about, call me if you want some, perfect Cafe style.

That's one way to get around the corner and onto the straight

 Hmmm I see a definite movement back to these old 'superbikes'.

 Lovely front screen, well done that man

 Shit Bruce can look grizzley that's for sure, and such a nice man.
 What a toy to turn up at your local enduro on.

 Next week, is still a week too long bring it on.

Eddie, GOAT in my books
 Me and Peter playing at Hampton, OUCH right in the plums

 Gary Goodfellow on the case, I ride with Gary quite regularly he hasn't changed at all. Except his bikes are louder now!!!!!

 The Doctor at work

 Aaron and Robbie talking tactics

 Ferrari oil and cam gears

 This is what the engineer in a 747 looks at the entire flight

 A stunning Bonneville

 Gotta change that jacket it makes me look 130 KG's

 Barn finds are cool aren't they?

 Instantly recognizable.

 The devil is in the detail.

 This is the suck part of Horsepower


 Classic, stunning, beautiful

 Detail again folks detail

 This is a carving I did in a past life 'Rocket Man'.

 I ride alot with this guy as well. Richard Scott out playing at Pukekohe, his bikes are louder now too.

 This is a great shot.

 RIP John Surtees.

Well folks that's all for this week. Spring is happening in the norther hemisphere, to all my followers up there have a great start to the riding season, and to all my followers down here, you have a few more rides left and then it's back into the sheds to prepare for next year