Sunday, 2 April 2017

Well another week has raced by, and the shop is full of great bikes again, so a little bit busy for the next few weeks thats for sure. Mixed bag this time, Ducati's Buells, V rods triumph street fighters KTM's, and a fantastic triumph McQueen bike. I was late last week with the Ducati Rally and the Lizards ride to Whangamomana, and I'm away next week too, so I thought i had better get this bumper issue out for you all. I've noticed a few bikes coming up for sale that are classified as 'Cafe's', and it amazes me that some people can think that by putting on just a flat seat and some clip ons the bikes are worth about triple what they should be. Customs are a long and involved process to build, they take 100's of hours both in the shop and in the design and usually when someone is asking good money for a well built custom you are still getting a bike for far less than what it has taken. I've seen some beautiful customs in the past couple of months and you think to yourself " shit that is amazing, I wonder how long that took to build?" You can tell straight away a good custom cafe bike to the cobbled together back yard street fighting dog. Now don't get me wrong I believe there is a place for the rat bikes, and the whole genre of built not bought, but I think the owners need to be a bit realistic about what they are worth. Anyways, that's my bit for the week, here's this installment for you to enjoy today, have a good ride if your heading out, if not get back in the garage and keep on building.

Some of Glyns bikes from up t north. Nice bits of kits that's for sure
A clever bit of Kiwi ingenuity, now where did I put that rear cylinder?

Katana Loveliness
That's a bit of a fuck up.
Tell me this guy doesn't look like Rossi


Aren't these guys clourful warriors, so glad the new season is upon us. It's going to be a brilliant season

Don't these things look so bloody nice, perfection really.

I was obviously having some fun here at the national Ducati Rally. I got pretty pissed that night it has to be said. probably because the doctors had just told me that I'm still all clear. It's not very often I'm up this late or this hammered. I cant remember the last time I had more than about three drinks in a row.

Ex Superbike racer Gary Goodfellow, on a Lizard run
Pretty interesting mix of bikes and riders. This time round we had Andrew Stroud riding with us which was interesting.

MotoGP morning for the Lizards.

My diavel pre getting muddy. I've had this bike for over 2 years now, the longest I've ever owned a motorcycle. That says something about the way it goes I suppose. There's a lot to be said for 174 horsepower

Those T shirts get everywhere

We may be getting older, but the spirit is right there, fast riders every single one of them.
This is what happens when you lose your transponder key in the middle of nowhere. You put your Harley on the trailer and borrow the Diavel. petrol being a somewhat scarce commodity out there, you have to swap that as well.

The Lizards of 2017, shit there is a few motorcycle championships in this crowd.

So that's all for this week. I'm away this weekend as well, heading to the Hawkes bay on a barn find kind of trip, to have a look at some old motorcycles and do a deal or two, I hope. I've been hearing a few stories in the past few weeks about people several people with over 100 bikes in their barns, so am going to see what I can find. And next week I will reveal my new custom to you all, to see what you think. It's not the normal bike that I would look at but it is one that i have had my eye on for quite some time. And hi to my buddies in Greenland, hope that now the weather is warmer you can get out a bit and won't suffer so much from cabin fever. Thanks for all your emails too. Down the road eh?

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