Monday, 10 April 2017

Welcome to my little corner of the world again. had a fantastic weekend away from motorcycles ( I know hard to believe), but a whole lot of new things are happening, as it always seems. New lady, new bikes, new accountants, the list goes on. The shops been busy too with plenty of new bikes on the floor, and I am amazed at how some bikes seem to move very quickly ( 1 day on Trade Me makes me think I'm selling them too cheap) and others take a bit of time ( too expensive?). Got a really nice Triumph McQueen by BRM sitting on the bench at the moment. It's been interesting to see how a well established British builder puts their bikes together. It's a very nice wee motorcycle and I find that every day I work on bikes like this I learn just a little more. I had a week from hell last week trying to get bikes out, parts flying everywhere, and new jobs to be completed. I have my new custom motorcycle on the drawing boards. I've got a ST4S that won't go back to being a touring bike, so thought ok, new tank, new wire rims, bigger exhausts new seat unit and lighting, so I'm looking forward to turning this into a bit of a beast. I love the 916 engine, they are stormers, so this one should be no slouch. I've also got a Guzzi Daytone coming in the be altered slightly so the owner can actually fit the bike, new bars, different seat, rear sets and a few more little mods to make it more of a civilized ride for him. So keep an eye out for these builds as they develop

How lucky was this guy, not a scratch on him. Guess he learned the lessons of shooting the gap and threading the needle.

Just beautiful

Water in the carbs may be the problem.

Shit is about to happen

Warning graphic content, enough to make any motorcyclist wince!!!!!!!

The late great Robert Holden pitching it in.

 Never was my cup of tea, I always preferred the earlier ones, but some people love em.

 35 minutes from the showroom.

 A very famous photo, Randy getting in trouble again.

 The devil is in the detail

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