Saturday, 15 April 2017

Well happy Easter everyone.Hope you're all enjoying some time off and are able to get out into the shed or on the road for a ride. I was supposed to be going away this weekend, but stayed back to finish off a few bikes. managed to get out on my ZRX, this highlighted an issue with the tuning so back to bigger mains and different needles for me. Might do that this afternoon actually. I have to say the bike handles really well for a big old Japanese lump, but new Ohlins and Race Tech springs have really made it handle pretty good. Really pleased with the paint, and all I need now is my seat unit and its ready for the road. So enough lets get on with the installment. Please share the blog with like minded people the more the merrier

Still lovely after all these years

Tried this the other night bloody beautiful

Now this has stance, what a lovely shape

You have to be kidding me!!!!! No wonder he has a helmet on.

Really liking this, nice ideas going on here.


That's Fred Merkle in the background
Hmmmm not so sure really

Bruces new toy for the IOM TT this year, noice
How many cows, how many cows?

My favourite at the moment

When things go wrong. Motorcycles themselves aren't inherently dangerous, it's just when they get exposed to ineptitude, foolishness, and plain dumb ability, they appear that way

White!!!! Just when you think your being original they pop up all over the place

I would have kicked his arse after he threw it on the ground in a tantrum

Sorry, this is not an adventure bike, it's a fucking whale!!!

Great paint

Just to give you an idea on how steep these things are.

 so much going on here

Right then that's it for me this week hope you enjoyed another hour away from the rush. Keep your comments coming I do enjoy your feedback. Ride safe.......and fast

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