Thursday, 11 May 2017

Greetings to you all. here's this weeks latest installment for you all. Been down to the old home town this week to pick up a couple of nice little motorcycles. Got a real nice 996SPS and a great little SR400 for my son Max. A father son project which I am really looking forward to doing with him. Things are starting to get a little quiet on the sales front due to the weather I should imagine, but it gives me time to get things organised around here. It seems our northern hemisphere brothers and sisters are getting out on the road again from all the posts and emails I am getting which is great. And there appears to have been a lot of work gone on in shops all over the place as winter builds come out into the sun. It's great too see. Had one interesting email last week from a lady who complained to me about the amount of sexist images that i post, I tried to explain to her that these images were in  no way sexists, but she wouldn't listen, so in the end I just said to her " well you don't have to open the post, you can always just delete it the moment you get it". I went back through some of the posts that she complained about and thought to myself " I'm not changing a thing, these images aren't pornographic in anyway". And in deference to her this week has heaps more, all for your enjoyment. So without further fanfare and loud trumpets from high on a hill top here is this weeks page for you all to enjoy. Complaints will be deleted the moment I get them.

I used to ride with this crew, we had a lot of fun. here they are at Wanganui doing what they are so good at doing. Motorcycles, alcohol, sun and good times

Electrical fault, the piston and conrods took out the alternator

Pornographic or just plain old sensual?


It's not often you catch me like this, but there you go. Things didn't stay this way for too long afterwards when the Pinots kicked in.

Scotty and Ken having a 'go'. For a couple of older fellows they pulled some pretty respectable times and reaction times in the mid 3's. Like the fact that Scotty is still wearing his woolen jersey too haha.

They may be quirky, to some they may seem an enigma, but to a lot of people they are quintessentially Italian and for that they are great.


Gary Goodfellow out on his new toy, we are going to have to work bloody hard to stay with him.

These are still so cheap to buy now, I think that you all deserve to take one for a ride and see what you think.

My friend Rick Lucas did this last week, he was bloody lucky to drop this thing from 400 feet and swim away from it. So pleased that he 'made it'
Ha ha how many times have we all as riders experienced this, piss poor shit house coffee?

This is here just because it's an amazing image
She seems to wobble a bit on the turn in, I can't figure it out
Oh yes please, twisties and a 1000 s  guzzi, perfect

Unbelievable that this was able to be done, my how we have changed


One of the nicest customs I've seen in a while, lovely design and execution

feet up on the power, 5 years old, juts where is this little guy going?
Thwack Biff, Kapow, Thud, a different world back then that's for sure.

Franco Uncini took the safety car out in Spain and this is what he did.


This is why he went backwards, shit check out those tyres!!!!

This paint is perhaps the best I have ever seen

 Apparently black is the new gold.
 Modern GPS

 And one last image to end this weeks installment. Hope you all enjoyed your quiet time here. See you all next week.


  1. Enjoyed? It's a weekly highlight!!

  2. I'm an addict and I come here to feed my habit.
    Especially good when its dark, cold and raining.

  3. Thanks for another great post, and thanks for ignoring the butthurts who aren't smart enough to just not look at your site.