Thursday, 18 May 2017

Wow, have been amazed at the comments that I am getting from around the world on my page. It seems that no one wants it to change and that everyone appreciates the feminine side of the blog. Good on you all, because I didn't want to change it either. This weeks blog coming to you from Queenstown from my phone so hope it gets out. Things are slowing down as winter approaches, but thats ok, because I have a couple of customs to get into. Got a good ST4S that is in tear down, and a real nice little SR400 for my son Max to help me rebuild and cafe up for him. There seems to be a few more Guzzi builds have been happening over the winter up north, that's always good to see. Ducati and triumph builds are pretty prevalent so it's nice to have the 'mix' right again.
Just recived my new shipment of Barstow goggles as well. These things are beautiful and I have never had lens with such a great tint, so relaxing on the eyes when out riding. One of my riding buddies has just bought a new KTM 1190 Adventure to go with the 1290 adventure and the brand new 1290SMR in our group affectionately known as the Lizards. Quite a crew really a number of world superbike riders, NZ championships, Canadian championships Suzuka 8 hour winners, it really is a talented crew to ride with. So KTM seems to be the flavor of the day, I even got my KTM990 SMR out the other day for a quick blast with them, lots of fun. And that leads me to the lots of fun thing, riding, talking bullshit, and being in am ongst bikes is really a passion for us all, this little page is here to add to that so get in.

A very lovely Guzzi here, beautifully built and finished.

So come on in and enjoy this weeks blog, it's just for you.

It never changes does it, looking through dirty windows at the latest new bike.
He's going well for an old bugger

These guys are doing stunning work , lovely Italian metal

This image is here because it's bloody fantastic, power at its most natural level

Track side pit lane barbies, can't beat them

The late great Robert Holden doing his thing

Where are they all now?

Somewhere in a little workshop your bike waits
These things are just plain old sexy. Remember when you saw designer drawings showing what was coming and you looked at these things and thought "no way they wont build that". But Ducati did.

Who remembers all their names, now you have no excuse.

It must have been wet or somehting

Yes they can.........

Another beautiful Guzzi

I'm looking for one of these for next year, it's time I had an old school truck.

Ouch, workshop fires are a bitch


  1. I wonder if anyone else will persevere to scroll through to the end of this post or an I the first and the one and only? Nice montage of bikes and girls... All the best with the MNZ and the vote at this weekends Queenstown gathering.

  2. Thanks again for doing this. Great pics.

  3. Love your work Grant, excellent as usual.
    P.S. Love the Carbon Art tee shirt, great quality - will wear it with pride.
    P.P.S. Congrats on the MNZ position and belated happy birthday.

    Finaly, Race In Peace Nicky Hayden, you will be greatly missed.