Thursday, 4 May 2017

I'm sitting here, waiting for parts to arrive, so thought what better use of my time and put the page together for you all. Just had a visit from an old mate Vic, who called in to say G'day on his way south. Was great to talk and shoot the breeze with an old mate that's for sure.  I just love his positive attitude and outlook on life. He said to me, " you know there's not one image that doesn't make you stop and check it out, the bikes, the planes, the boats, the engineering, the ladies". And I think he's right. He also said that he was out riding in the forest with a whole bunch of mates and they stopped for a rest and another guy on the ride says " hey have you guys ever seen that blog V2Guzzi"?. This started a whole conversation amongst them about this page.When he left I couldn't help but think, this is what life is all about, doing what you enjoying doing, having a passion for something, for me it's motorcycles. I'm lucky in that I really enjoy doing what I love. I've got a new Ducati custom on the go, bikes coming in and bikes going out, great people calling by and mates to ride with. And that is really what it's all about. he made me realise that this page is really an extension of that. So enjoy yourselves people, make the most of your time, enjoy your friends and your riding. Now get on with it.

 Ahhh that's better.
 What a nice workshop this is. I love it.

 1 'ostrich power'.

 Get in to it.

 Love these brutes.

 My good mate Gary, with his new toy. Looking forward to seeing him punt this baby around.
 This car was found with just 10 kilometers on the clock after 30 odd years. What a find.
 It's showing the wear and tear from all that time in the barn, but what an amazing car

 Love the color combinations going on here, silver and tobacco

 Lovely paint


Another pic by Michael Breen, nice shot mate
 Nothing there that does not need to be there.

 Spondon goodness being raced in New Zealand, bike number 3 of a limited run, beautiful

 Just classic, good looks.
 Nice work here.

 Me and my 996SPS. two days after delivery, a big run around the East cape. The first one in the country and the first one raced, it was a machine that's for sure.

 These are such great bikes, everyone should have one of these in the shed.

 Love the look of this bike.

 The KTM on it's way home.

 Apparently this was the final lap of the race, this is what it is all about

 A mans bike that's for sure. I have another two coming in soon.
 He must have been cold, or....something
 Who remembers doing this.
 Nobody can say he doesn't try hard enough, George was and is always on the limit, he certainly is a high flyer

 Always fly Air Lingus, if you know what I mean.
 It's called commitment
 It's called contentment

 Unmistakable instantly recognisable and still beautiful after all these years.

 I remember when they came to New Zealand, jaw dropping beautiful

 I know, it's a guys body, but check out the tattoo!!!!!

 If anyone out there knows someone from Tag, tell them about the blog, perhaps they may just sponsor me.
 Pretty little shed, this gentleman ( and ladies ) is where people go to forget about their day and do epic shit, build bikes, drink bourbon, tell lies, spend time.

 Lollipops really

 Just bought one of these for my son Max, he's going to custom it and then go riding with me.

 Now go get that coffee and enjoy your life, it's the only one you'll get, and only too pleased to have wasted some of your time here.

 This image took me back to London, when mad pommy buggers would dispatch on these.

 Renault are playing with their cars, check out this monster

Well folks, that's all for this week. have a great weekend, Grab a bourbon, or a beer, get out into your sheds and start stripping, planning and building, or in the northern part of the world, what are you waiting for.....get out riding.

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