Friday, 21 July 2017

On time this week, although one comment last week said it was never too late, I guess he was right. How's it all going out there? Had a pretty quiet week this week, what with the weather and all. Shit it rained here last night. Sitting here in my office waiting for a couple of bikes to arrive. I was going to pick them up but decided that the drive in this weather was going to be too long, so having them delivered. Got a really nice 888 ( sorry it's sold already), and a fantastic 998 biposto. We have been amazed at the price of the 888's lately, just in the past 3 months they seem to have risen by about 50%, I guess people are starting to realise that these Ducatis are worth a bit, and I agree. There doesn't seem to be any Guzzi's for sale at the moment either. Have also noted a lot of street triples hitting the market which is good because they are a great little bike that's for sure. Just about to book my tickets to Japan, funny that our visit to the auctions coincides with the MotoGP, hmmm strange that. Anyways here's this weeks installment for you to browse, on with the show.

Draggin for beers, it used to be an old age tradition

Art in metal
Sorry but fark that!!!!!!

Ugly? but stunning,

The riding around the Coromandel is just about as good as you can get.

Getting it on that's for sure.

It's called BOING!!!!!

I hope all the bikes were tied down properly. Every motorcyclist here in NZ know this trip

Now this is a collection and a half.

Well I guess it takes all sorts eh?

The original

My good mate Rod Price racing his MV in the staes a few weeks ago.

I couldn't be too sure, but I think she's waiting for her guy whose in the shed.

Definitely not my cup of tea, but I would like to have a ride on one just to say I have.
Not to bad for a lad from Taihape

It looks warm, but it was anything but, minutes later the triumph was smoking it poor rear tyres in a moment of sustained loss of traction

Ducati's works engine, it's tiny

The quality of the engineering just screams out at you

This image is shocking

Your probably wondering huh???? This is Mike Hailwood out for dinner with his family

A stunning paint job, lovely work.
I'm pretty sure that this is evil.

And I will leave you with one of the most beautiful bikes to ever come out of Italy.

So there you go guys and girls, it's out on time and ready for your weekend viewing. Got a lot to do today, so I may as well press on, speaking of which I have to press out the swing arm axle of my next custom ans as it's as tight as a tiger in the cases right now. Enjoy your weekend, and if you are out riding have a great time, if your in the shed, have an even better time.


  1. Great collection of pics Grant ... Really look forward to these every week ... Thanks

  2. Thanks again, great stuff as always.