Sunday, 16 July 2017

Late again, sorry folks, I've been a bit preoccupied that's for sure. You know sometimes I hate Ducati's. They were sent to frustrate the hell out of me. I've had an SPS for sale, that has sat here for three weeks and started every bloody time. A customer comes and looks at it, and.....dead. Stone dead. It had a brand new battery in it and dead. So back on the charger, only to discover that my flash as new trickle charger is not working. It shows all the lights, but no spark what so ever. So back to the shop today to get another one. Went on a great mid winter ride yesterday to Bob Toomeys place at the end of the Coromandel, had a great ride, and even better fresh fish and chips caught by Bob about an hour before we got there. Watching your fish get filleted before cooking is fantastic. Got home just before the frost hit, so all in all pretty good. It was our first ride in over quite a few months, so nice to clear the cob webs out. have to say that when I got home I was so tired from the concentration of riding that I slept the sleep of the dead, but there's more than enough time for that later I guess. Had an interesting conversation with a guy at a petrol station last week. I was on the ZRX that I finished a couple of months ago, and he comes up to me, and says " I saw a bike just like this on that blog that that guy does here in NZ. He points at the bike, and says this one looks better. I laughed with him, and told him that it was the one on the blog and I'm that guy. You should have seen him, he was happy to meet me, and he wanted my signature which I thought was quite strange, but I obliged him, and signed his helmet. So it's quite strange where this blog ends up that's for sure. So here's this weeks blog, late but better late than never.

Lovely little line up.

Why not turbo a bike that produces 162 Hp?

Baypark raceway, only managed to race here once, before it was closed down and turned into a housing development.

Think he's got this wrong.
These Griso's are very pretty, actually saw two out and about yesterday

Very pretty.

Now this would really piss you off.
They waited until the end before producing what i think is the best paint scheme, they have done.

Now this is nice
But so is this.

Here's that paint scheme on the race bikes.

I do like this bike.

Ouch, ouch ouch!!!!!!

Love the paint design....

And that folks is that for the week. I'm off to Wellington this week, for doctors check up and to pick up a couple of 888's that have arrived. So it's another busy week that's for sure. I hope you are all out riding or all in your sheds building. It doesn't matter as long as you are doing something to your rides.


  1. Who's that idiot in the kilt? I _always_ wear knee protection when I'm riding in my kilt.

  2. Another fantastic blog, thanks grant!