Friday, 7 July 2017

Another cracking week, and it has been a very strange one at that. Had a bike stolen from a shop in town, got a phone call "come and get it, pissed off my guys stole it, so meet me here, I'll give you an address where to get it, and no Police." End result the bike is back in our hands, a bit worse for wear but back. Actually I could have done with the insurance just paying out, no warranty claims etc etc. But I am glad it's back. Done some driving this week, it's pretty buggered me actually, but I've picked up bikes, delivered bikes and been all over the show really. had to have a couple of afternoon sleeps to catch up. So whats been happening? With the weather the way its been, I've been starting on my next custom cafe. I kind of find it hard to get into it, but once you've started the ideas flow and all of a sudden your away again. I'm doing what used to be an ST4S, never really liked the style of the bikes and they put them together in a pretty strange way, so this one is being stripped back to the basics, and I'll start on making a new tank and seat unit over the next few weeks. Change the wiring all around so that it can't be seen and get the plumbing out of the way. So lets get on with it and see where we end up eh? Welcome to Carbon Art Customs. Enjoy.

Isn't this bike a wee honey, so well done I thought, I love the pipes, they look fantastic
Your probably thinking WTF, but hey there's nothing better in the evening than sitting down to a great red.

Road food, is great isn't it?

This Griso is a stunner
There's an awful lot to do at 320KPH

Clean and lean, looks great eh?

This is one way to tear down an engine

Love this work.


Sod that, not my cup of tea that's for sure.

Some serious lean going on here.

This in the day was the business

Back when I thought I wanted to carve shit, this happened, my first carving ever.

From the 916SP that Robert Holden raced for me.

Good tools last for ever.

 A new idea for that age old problem?


  1. Hi Grant, another great Lightning (jet) photo, next time I see you I'll tel you about seeing them up close.