Sunday, 6 August 2017

Hi to you all. Well another week another dollar as they say. Been busy with a few bikes this week, and had some interesting issues pop up. I had one bike a lovely 998 Biposto, it's been here for three or four weeks now, runs beautifully, starts first time every time, and wouldn't you know it, a client rides down from Auckland to view the bike and dead..... as a door knob. Quite embarrassing really, so he goes away, I get the bike up on the bench run some tests and a knackered regulator rectifier. Just as well it happened to me and not to him in his first few days of ownership, so new one ordered this morning and hopefully he'll be on his way with a mint 998. I've also been working on an ST4 cafe project that has been causing me some grief. I wanted the swing arm off as it's going for painting along with the rims, and did it fight me the entire way, but a bigger hammer and a little heat soon sorted that baby out. Bought a little lathe as well and a welding bench too, so nearly ready to get this shop up and operating. Sold a few more T shirts as well. I've been telling the people that have bought them, that when they get somewhere famous to take a picture and send it back to me so I can track them. That should be interesting. Anyways enough of me lets get on with this weeks installment for you all. Ohh and thanks for all the comments of support re 'the content', it seems that once again our little corner of the world is safe from the censorship police.

What a great image, a nice F1 being used where it should be used, high up on a mountain pass being given the jandal

My good friend Aaron doing the business back when men were men and bikes behaved badly

A scene from on any Sunday, classic Mert Lawill.

Now one person said last week that he was a bit tired of seeing Tags on the blog, but I'm going to persist until they offer me one haha, shameless plugging for what are perhaps the best time pieces in the world.

To gauge the size check out the little crane in the bottom left hand corner.

Priddy lil thang

A great shot of the Doctor

Stu getting his laurels on.

Who remembers these brutes.

It was put it quite well in a song, cruising on a Sunday afternoon

Perhaps the nicest ZRX that I have seen, very nice....

Now this IS lucky

 I sure do miss my two

And that folks is that for this week. I guess I'd better press on and get this shop sorted Ciao.

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