Sunday, 20 August 2017

G'day, how's your week been? Welcome back to the faithful and hello to the new ones here in my little corner of the world. Hope you have all had good weekends, and managed to get some riding or building in. Took a few emails last week from guys who have all said that they really appreciate a bike site with no bullshit, just great images of bikes and builds and that they keep images for their own records for when they start heir own projects. I think shit hot because that's the idea. You miss so much on the net because of the over whelming amount of content, and this site hopefully brings it all together ( well as much as I can anyway), so that you get it all in one go. So ( play fanfare) here's this weeks lot for you, enjoy and as usually happens now when I'm out and about see you somewhere on the road and looking forward to talking to you. Cheers

How many of you have had accidents on your bikes like this, first step 5 meters, second 4 meters, and so on until you cant keep up with your steps, then dirt time.

I still have absolutely no idea.......

Been playing with one of this just this morning, nice kit.

I did this last year, had the choice of a Ferrari day in Tuscany or a Bambina day, took the Bambina day like a shot, it was so much fun.

Hmmm the engine is at the other end, do you want to tell or or shall we just wait?

It's called tourque

Nice Graphics

George, getting used to the Ducati

Two wheel drive for this years Dakar?

Taken a couple of years ago down the West Coast, the first Lizards ride.

I'll just go around the outside then?

I walked down this street last year and called into a few tappas bars, why can't the rest of the world be like this. we would be so much happier. Singing , dancing, drinking, eating, it so kin brilliant.

A Motus V4, nice work

beautiful steel work and great design going on here.


And with that, there's another one done, hope you all enjoyed it, now get back to work, and start figuring out your next ride, or next catch up with your riding mates

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