Monday, 14 August 2017

Hola, everyone, hows things out there this week? Where do the weeks go eh? Just had my big check up last week, and all good for the now, so what can I say to that? It's been a bit quiet in the past couple of weeks, I guess everyone is getting pissed off with the weather, but it is getting warmer, and that can only mean one thing....summer is not too far away, and that can only mean one thing..... riding is back on the cards, and I have noticed the guys from my riding group The Lizards are starting to get twitchy, and that can only mean one thing...a ride is imminent. It's funny watching them, as they all seem to be on edge and all are starting to talk about rides. We've got a nice ride to Timaru coming up in late November for the CAMS meeting and another little ride to just north of Auckland coming up in the next few weeks to go and visit our mate Tim Stewart who lives up that way. Tim doesn't know that but he does now. Booked my tickets to Japan for a wee exploration of the auctions and to see how that side of things works, it's on the same weekend as the MotoGP, funny how that works, but it's all business related so all good. So lets get on with things, this weeks blog has an inordinate amount of all the things we love to look at and play with, so lets get on with it.

My 916SP barbecue from Ruapuna, it was messy, but not as bad as it looks.

Mmmm pretty little filly

Funny image that crossed my desk top last week

I'm about to start on one almost exactly the same, except we will be doing heavy candy and heavy metal flake

great night out with mates and great food, it's what we as motorcyclists love isn't it?

In the bomb bay door, trying to un jamb a bomb or two

Still crazy after all these years

Apparently the complaint was "my clutch is slipping".
Just..........just OK?

Fast is as fast does


caught in an avalanche apparently
My mate Rod races this MV, they are over in the good ole US of A with this little jewel, and it is being raced here this summer by Jacob Stroud, son to Andrew, so watch out for this.

Serious amounts of cooling gores into these modern day bikes that's for sure.

They are just so cool. I've got some coming in the next few weeks.

back in the day, this was usual
Tyres hooked up, on the gas, and going good.

Noice mate noice

The Alchemy, was a hard bike to like style wise, but that didn't stop them from going like forty bastards.

The last in a long long line of winning motorcycles. V4 anyone? yes of course thank you. 220HP please

We tend to forget that this guy cut his teeth on racing big two strokes


Rotax by Wood. This guy made some beautiful bikes.

Love at first sight. perhaps the best looking bevel that raced

Lovely paint scheme, there's nothing like an Italiain bike and a Ducati for that matter painted in the Tri color.

This looks like a nice bike mover

My first proper race bike, these things were so much fun.

Dallas Rankin in Wellington on the Ducati.

Guzzi V4?

11 right handers and 3 lefts will do it everytime

And that folks is that, hope you enjoyed it. The stress of last week made it almost too much, so I went away for a couple of quiet days of solitude and peace on the river, just to be by myself. So there you go. I'm back it was late but it's still here.