Monday, 2 April 2018

Well how's it all going out there? Sorry for the easter delay, but I was busy. Spent a couple of days cleaning out my shop, you'd hardly know it really but there you go. On Sunday i went for a ride to Wellington and when I got there I came back homa again. My mate was painting his house, didn't want to get involved in that if you know what I mean, went to see my son, he was away, rang around for some accommodation, but being Easter it was all out, phoned Martinborough they were full, phoned Napier they were full, so thought bugger it head for home. Just south of Hunterville, I got over taken by 5 Hells angels absolutely tearing it up, I was doing 120 ish ( for the sake of the law you understand), they went by well over 160 so tagged on behind for a bit of entertainment, but I couldn't stick with them, over taking on double yellows over blind hills and around corners late at night with on coming traffic is not my thing. I have to say though these guys can really ride, I mean Harleys aren't supposed to go like that. I guess when there is a certain amount of lawlessness you can do anything, and when you don't have the self preservation gene like I do anything is possible, but shit they were hauling. I came across them twice more on the trip, the last time heading into Tokoroa at about 9 at night and there is two of them. The V-rod guy now had a pillion. The lead guy all of a sudden did a left turn right in front of the V-rod, who knew V-Rods could do stoppies, the turning bike was showering sparks everywhere, and the V-Rod only just made it around him. I stopped there for gas and as I was walking back to the bike these two came by like there was no tomorrow. So quite an amazing bit of entertainment. So I ended up doing 1131 Kilometers in the day. The body did not like it one bit, it has to be said. Anyways enough of that on with the show, here's this weeks little bit of entertainment for you.

 Me likey this Guzzi.

 This is a piston and rod from a 1966 RC166 250cc in line 6 GP bike Honda's legendary racing bike, the RC166, was developed to win the World Road Race Championship in 1966. The bike featured a 250cc 4-stroke 6-cylinder DOHC 4-valve engine which thumped out an impressive 60ps/18,000rpm. Mike Hailwood rode the RC166 and won every 250cc class race he entered to give Honda their first Rider's and Manufacturer's Championships, 

I remeber when this image first came out, I wanted those red boots that's for sure.

Ouch, that's going to cause some pain to the wallet

To the victor the spoils go

Check out that crowd

My first 'real' dirt bike. 30 HP, my juicer makes more than that now.

How do you capture speed?

Paso's all in a road

So nice and understated

A few of the Lizards on a trip down south

Oh yes, I quite like a bit of fishing as well

Brave boys......

A very nice whiskey bar, all sorts of wonders to be had

 I know where I'd be on this in the bar

Right , time to go and get that beer

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