Monday, 9 April 2018

So, here we are again, it's been a strange week that's for sure, still trying to get over the big ride last week, feeling quite drained from it all really. My health certainly isn't what it used to be, I guess I just have to get used to that I suppose. Must learn to take things a bit easier. I was supposed to be living the quiet life but these last few months have certainly tested me. I should not have done that ride that's for sure. OK as a teenager on brand new GSXR1100's and RZ500's but now? Well that's obviously another story now. Glad that I only have 1 more ride this year. The Lizards are stepping out for a three day ride. 22 of us, it will be the biggest gathering of the lizards ever..... but this ride is all about short distances and long evenings. I tried to count how many race wins and titles there are in the group but kept losing count, but it's a lot, and I am sure that some of them will still want to believe that they are that racer from years ago. It's quite strange as I was doing that, I got to thinking there is only 1 bike that has it's handlebars below the tank, everyone has become more upright over time. Having said that though there are a number of the bikes that produce well over 160HP, so it will be interesting. Me? I'm just there for a few quiet shandies with my mates, with a fair bit of talking to be done about The Lizards, The Long Lunch Group and the state of our racing in this country and what can be done. Saturday night should be an interesting affair that's for sure. Anyways it's a bumper installment this week just for you. Please share, follow and like as you go, the more the better.

There may be some double up images in this weeks post, for some reason my G mail has packed a hissy fit at me and has been sending double image groups, and sometimes it just gets all a little too hard to figure out which has been sent and included and which hasn't. But I am sure you all won't mind.

She's a busy old corner that first one, that's for sure.

Havelock North food is right up there

Evel's rocket being retrieved from Snake Canyon

Check out the topic of the windows at the IOM. Amazing that this little island takes to us so well.

I love the way the clutch is incorporated into the fairings here, such good design and craftmenship

They certainly pack that V4 into this package

My friend Tom certainly has a few nice motorcycles, and even better that they are all used like they are supposed to be.

Split window barn find, amazing.
Well I guess it takes all sorts, but I kinda like his style

Wayne, Eddie, and kevin putting on a show

 Unemployed F1 grid girls....such a shame, PC gone so wrong

 Check out that road, little wonder they make bikes the way they do...


Mike Hailwoods boot and toes

Back in the day when racing Ducatis became racing Kawasakis, just because all of these cost as much to race as the Ducatis

Now I do like this bike

Weren't we funny in the day?

 Quite possibly the most beautiful engine ever made.

 I had one exactly like this, it was epic......
 And a very nice ending to this weeks missive. Hope you all enjoyed it.

On a final note I have finished with MNZ now, it looks like it was meant to be, my nomination got lost in the translation so to speak and that is that. Now a few things have happened in my year there, some good, some not so good. I've fielded literally hundreds of calls from all sorts of people, some spinning bullshit, others letting me know an awful lot of interesting about our sports management. It was an interesting year that's for sure, but to be honest I'm kind of glad that I am out of it. Don't get me wrong there are some really great people and characters behind the sport, I enjoyed those people immensely, but there are some who are only interested in 'feathering' their own self importance. I learnt who to trust and who not to. But that's life I suppose. So on with the job of building customs and selling motorcycles. Please share this blog and like and follow it as much as possible.


  1. Great work Grant I look forward to every post. Gives me some great ideas for my project bike.

  2. Great work as per.