Sunday, 22 April 2018

Hello again, many apologies, I kind of lost the plot this week, been in Wellington having all my check ups done, and everything just got away on me a bit. None the less, I'm still here so for me that's a blessing. I seem to have done some miles in the past few weeks that's for sure. I've just got back to a mountain of paperwork and I have painters and builders here fixing the place from the robbery. So this weekend once all of this is out of the way, it's paperwork paperwork paperwork. Not feeling very good about that, but at least on the horizon is the last step out for summer with a Lizard ride. Looking forward to putting the helmet on and going for a ride with my buddies. I intend to do one complete blog on the ride, there's 22 of us heading out for a few days, the rides planned are relatively short and the evenings are planned to be long. We always seem to do it the other way around, so this time, it's more about the people than the rides, a nice change for a change. Going to have a bit of a pow wow over the last racing season just had here in NZ, and a bit of a discussion about what we really need to do to move things forwards. As I was doing all these miles up and down the country I got to thinking that this past year being on the Board of MNZ absolutely nothing was done to progress the sport, it was all retrospective naval gazing and making sure that the rules were in place. There was not one meeting where " OK, so what can we do to promote our sport and our riders" was said. I was a bit dissapointed by that. never fear the Long Lunch will come to the rescue. So without further delay onward and upwards, here's this weeks blog. Enjoy, share and spread the word.

Back in the day at Ruapuna, this old picture came up and when you have a close look at it, you can see a few Lizards gassing in the back of a van.

These things were pretty neat when they came out, they sure fired up a whole generation of riders that's for sure.

I'm all about the engine, Moto Guzzi through and through

Pretty Guzzi..................................

It's a blurry shot, but well worth it, what a garage

Not exactly sure what's going on here, but there you go, it takes all sorts
There was no racing until they built the second one

That moment, I think Rossi talked it up a fair bit because he has done the same


Got enough?

Who has done this?
Cros and radar, two Lizards......................

The old and the new...yours truly sitting on the fence watching the talent.

Slighty and Robbie, two more lizards

Jessie Stroud 47 kilos 5 foot nothing, but is he a talent........

Stroudy another lizard and Jason. Now that man could peddle a Britten, actually they both could, and both inexorably tied to the history of the Britten motorcycle

 Not too sure about the rear shock...

Chris Haldane on my old 916SP
This little fellow can sure peddle
Jason and Robert giving it a bit of a go.

What a barn find eh?

Jessie Stroud missing a gear......................................

Very pretty.....................
A forest of Ohlins..............nice

That's close

Isn't this the truth