Saturday, 12 May 2018

She's a bit of a mish mash of images this week. I've been away on a Lizard ride, so I thought that I'd drop a few images in of what we get up to when we are out and about. You may recognise some of the faces in here, a pretty talented group of people and riders, that I am privileged to call my friends and brothers. This is what it means to me when I am riding. It's about being out there on the road talking bullshit, spinning tales and long evenings over a few quiets. Such good fun. When I am doing this I forget about all the troubles that I have had, and the whole ride becomes my existence for a brief few short days. So the Lizards struck out for 'The Last of the Summer Wine ride', and we had a great time. Cutting up the gang members riding down the Western Access, seeing some amazing sheds with even more amazing bikes in them, meeting people on the side of the road and just chewing the fat with fellow riders. A bit of an unfortunate episode in the middle of the Gentle Annie with some gravel and a wee car coming the other way, we killed far too many bottles of Central Otago Pinot Noir that's for sure. And radiators!!!!!! Go figure, never seen one radiator in all my years of riding get damaged, but we had three!!!! I guess it's all down to the piss poor conditions of some of our roads. Never mind. We had an Aussie Peter Addison riding with us for the first time and he was blown away by the ride, the roads and the views, he thinks we are very fortunate to be able to live and ride in a country such as this, and we do too. Had a couple of new lizards introduced to the group, so always pleased to welcome them on board. So on that note here's this weeks blog featuring some of the lizards

Now go grab a cup of Joe, because it's a big un.

The lizards payed their respects to Robert Holden, who would have almost certainly been with us today had things been different. This is at Wanganui at the memorial that i carved a hundred years ago as a mark of respect for the guy.

The first gathering of us all, with a further two groups to meet along the way

How many cups have these guys won?

Tyre warmers were essential
I am so digging this bike, it eats miles, is comfortable, has great range and goes like the gang busters

First radiator.......

Me trying to look like I know what I am doing

There's all types of bikes in the group

And all types of riders

Yum Yum
A quick lunch break

Well we have to savoir this countries delights don't we

Peter Cross, famous amongst us...a great rider, person, and bloody good with those sausages

Some faces in the crowd.

He still has race eyes, even when he's relaxed

Another face in the crowd......

Stroudy punted the brand new SV650 soon to be press bike well. I think they will say that it's been run in well. 1/2 an ounce of this mans talent I'd be happy.

Wearing the logo with pride Haydn, cheers
Double trouble with these two. Ever seen a triumph Entalox been wheel-stood over the bridge in Wanganui...No... I have haha
John Clayton before wee opps......
And during.......

The aftermath of a 15 kilometer an hour adventure through un marked gravel. Sort your shit out Roading people

Ex Marlborough works mechanic couldn't fix this

And..... we even managed to get Mr Slight number 111 on a Ducati, no one succeeded in doing that ever, but we did. He complained that he thought the bike needed much more work to be competitive against the Honda

Napier for the dinner, it was a bloody good night. I sat back in my chair and had a reflective moment about this group, and all I could hear was bullshit racing/riding tales, people ribbing one another and lots of laughter. It was fantastic.

The memorial to Robert Holden, she's looking a bit rough but it's been over 20 years!!!!!!!

Aaron getting his game on.

Scotty, always smiling, always enjoying himself and his mates

Radiator one, fixed quite easily if you have a leatherman.

Baldrick and Todd getting ready

So that's the images that I have, still trying to figure out how to add video, and I know that there are plenty more images to come.

Now on with the blog


My all time favourite grand Prix rider Eddie Lawson. This guy was tough on the track

This just popped up again, I love it, so it's back on.

 Manfield, had so many epic battles, this one of the six hours. Those were our halcyon days that's for sure

Just found this too, this is my Kawasaki bus that we turned into a desert storm hauler. Miss the 360 Husky too. Now that bike was epic.

 This is how it all started for me, brand new TM250's, good mates ( they are both still good mates) and in the background the hills and firebreaks of Wainuiomata where we learnt our skills

 It's how we rolled Denim shirts, Ray Bans, and big hair.

 Check out the deflection of that rear tyre!!!!! That's a contact patch

Jerez this past weekend, the Spanish have a lot of bikes, 1 of 6 bike parks at the track.

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