Sunday, 20 May 2018

She's a big un this week. Not for any particular reason, it's just the way it works out sometimes I suppose. Starting off this weeks with an image of me at my last ever race meeting that I actually entered into. All my useless mates in the background, thinking about pubs and hot lunches, while I toiled away changing clutches from my road GT in the background to the race bike. It didn't work out in the end, I had a pretty miserable day with bad clutches and pissing down weather. having said that though I caught up with my mates that night and had a great time, so one thing balances the other I guess. She's a big week in other ways as well, I turn a very large O number this week, shit how the time has flown by. It has given me time to reflect on the past few years and all the while the remaining constant in my life is the motorcycles and the friends I have made through motorcycles. I've just about run the spectrum really mad firebreak blazing days, motocross, road racing,  a fairly major sponsor of motorcycle racing,  dispatching in London, customizing motorcycles, retailing them and pretty much riding every road I've come across, plus 108 motorcycles that I have personally owned. I like to think that this gives me pretty good knowledge of most bikes and what they are like to ride.  A couple of big hospital visits along the way too it has to be said. I recall one doctor waking me up and saying we nearly had to amputate your leg last night, I was back out riding with the plaster on 4 weeks later. I cant count the bones I have broken and the bourbons I have drunk in these past years, but it still all adds up to my love of this passion, the people, the good times. And all of this brings me to this juncture now. Thank you all for being a very very big part of this crazy life that
I have had to date. 

Another image of the last Lizard ride from a couple of weeks back.

These things really took our breath away when they were released.

Can't have a blog without the TZ in there eh Alistair

In a small shed somewhere, these bikes wait...quietly, they wait

And why not

A mixture of old and new, Ducati clearly showing it's DNA.

There's not really that much to them.

A little while ago my friend Dallas with and E called by and dropped off a couple of CD's ( so old now my pc doesn't even have a CD slot), but on them was an amazing collection of racing back in the day here in New Zealand, such a fantastic time really, and these images bring back a lot of memories of that time. I didn't race then, preferring the comfort of the bourbon, beers and bench seats of the day, but I wish I had. Thanks Dallas

And even some of Dallas's trips overseas. probably never been seen images really

and back to New Zealand racing again
The Real Glen Williams

Racing motorcycles in the late 70's early 80's was a soulless thing, everyone was so committed, and so into their sport, but no public recognition, being frowned upon as if you were just a glorified motorcycle gang member, it made it very hard to become a recognized sporting person, but we all knew, that these guys were hero's in our eyes and we all knew the efforts that went into it.

People and motorcycles, last years bike shed show in London.

So that's another one done, keep it between the lines and catch up with you all next week.


  1. Marathon effort - loved the pics from Dallas - took me back !

  2. Happy Birthday! And as always an awesome display of pictures. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the mammaries. 😁