Monday, 7 May 2018

Welcome back to you all. I hope your all enjoying this sunny little moment before the cold icy fingers of winter once again puts us in their grasp. I have received my first complaint about the blog this week from a guy here in CHCH New Zealand who for some reason has a gripe with the content of the blog, although he hasn't been in touch with me directly he complains through the FB page to their administrators about it. Apparently to their distraction, as they contacted me to see if I could block him. I don't know what his issue is, but I said it is easy enough for him to just not open the blog and then there is no problem , but no...... every week he opens it so that he can have a bitch about something. A quick message to you sir because I know that you will open this weeks, simply don't open the page and stop annoying people who do open the page and enjoy it. I just got my stats for last year and 2.4 million individual hits?....................surely everyone must like what is here, and just 1..........well there must be something wrong with a person who does not like anything motorcycle, engine, car, food, women, aeronautical,and the fine things in life that normal people like looking at and are inspired by. As I said to a person this morning, I love all motorcycles, all brands , all genres, and if you ride then you are my brother, my sister and my friend, so FFS lighten up just a little.
On that note to the rest of you welcome, enjoy and be inspired in some small way as to the wonders that our passion brings us. Enjoy.

Lovely ink.
What is there not to like about this late 70's designed and 80's built bike........shit they just did things right
And they are still improving on that......this thing is stunning

Lovely Yamaha
My all time favourite tine piece, I aspire to having one one day.

These images are of a mate of mine when he road for Roberts Lucky Strike Yamaha. We were sitting here looking at the images and I commented on how small the bike seemed,. to which he replied " yes it was small and very light, actually it was quite a nice bike to ride until you turned the power on". We both pissed ourselves laughing. But anyways great images of a time when real riders could travel to Europe and if you had real talent you could get a ride on a works Yamaha. Doesn't happen like that anymore.

3 years before this, he was riding around the streets of Wanganui terrorizing people haha

There is something about race bikes, that is just so.........

On any Sunday when the suns shining

It's called torque

My mate Geoff has spent a couple of years improving on this, isn't it lovely

RZ500 shoe horned into a late model R6. Me likey
Looks like and RD 250 or 350 to me

This is Alpine stars build to commemorate their involvement in motorcycles, isn't it nice?

Style is what it is.

things of beauty

They don't have to be big to be cool.

An original RS, but this one was hand built by the factory for an ex racer, so it's probably the most special one of them all.
Two wheel drive 990 KTM, there's a good point
Check out that bow wave.......

I have no idea what's going on here but it looks like fun

The suck part in all it's glory

When men were men and they had lead in their  ....on their left shoe

Arguably one of the prettiest 8 hour motorcycles ever built

There's that space shuttle again, what an image
Found this quite fascinating as well

Ka Bommmphaaa.....

Dispatching in London, was all about the quickest way

Reminds me of my younger days in the hills on the fire breaks behind Wainuiomata, Those XL motosports were heavy as all get out though, and slow....

 Just because it's a bloody good image

Got a bit of a celebration coming up in a few weeks, the doctors told me that there was a good possibility that it might not happen, but I'm pretty glad it is, the big 60 for me.............fuck where have all the years gone, I certainly didn't think that I would be where I am today that's for sure. I thought things would be well sorted out by now, but all sorts of shit gets in the way and makes you do a violent swerve left.....
Never mind it cant be all bad can it, as I said I'm still here.
So on that note.......


  1. great stuff. don't let one wet blanket ruin it for everyone else

  2. Always look forward to your weekly blog Grant. Something for everyone (well, most everyone). Welcome to the 60 club! There are a lot of us who never thought we would be here enjoying life the way we are.......

  3. These are great entertainment. What is the deal with the forklift. I mean I have driven lots but... and I need to frisk the suspect.