Thursday, 9 August 2018

Greetings and welcome back to this little corner of the world. Well the mezzanine is almost done, juts some minor works to the front of it, and I am all go again. I must admit to finding it pretty hard to concentrate on things when there is so much going on around me. But nearly there so thank goodness for that. I've been seeing a number of new customs arriving on the screen over the past month, so obviously people are being busy in their sheds which is great to see. One rather disturbing thing though, is customs that are cobbled together and then the outrageous prices they are asking for them. I saw a 350 Honda that basically had some cut down pipes, a skateboard for a seat, clip ons and a grunge paint scheme, and the person was asking $9K!!!!!. It makes it quite hard for the builders at the other end who are putting hundreds of hours into their bikes and having to deal with that, the perception is that most builds are cobbled together and as such should not have a high dollar value. For example I needed to make some aluminium screens to go in some vents for the bike I working on at the moment. $120.00 for materials, 5 hours making the molds, and 2 hours pressing them ensuring that the vent material is aligned correctly, 3 hours to cut the correct shape into the seat and 2 hours to fiberglass them in. So all up 2 days to complete a fairly simple job. And that's just the start. So when you are out there looking at buying a bike, ask pertinent questions about the bike, read the advertisements carefully and judge for yourself what it is you want. Anyways enough blah blahing, here's this weeks blog for you to enjoy, so be inspired.

Hows this..... a brand new 750 GT, brand new, wouldn't that be wonderful to have

These concepts are great, they give you a good idea of what your bike would look like if you painted in a certain color.

Great barn find

Now this is one very very nice Guzzi

It must be time for a holiday surely?

Well that's another one all done, hope you all enjoyed it, so share with your friends, like the page on Facebook, or not. Haha have a great weekend and ride very very fast....