Friday, 9 August 2019

Greetings to you one an all, how's the week been for you all? I've had a strange one that's for sure.   I'm dealing with the issues of actually selling my workshop here and moving to my happy place, somewhere near a fishing river. Still going to build and restore motorcycles, that will never leave me, but I need to get myself into a situation and place where it is good for my health and well being. So I will keep you informed as to the developments on that front. This will mean that I will have more time to do the things I want and need to do as opposed to being constrained by outside influences and having to dance to the beat of someone else's drum. It's a big step and
I am not really looking forward to that, but I know it has to be done. Going to miss a whole lot about living here in Tauranga especially all my riding buddies and the roads up here, but they will only be a few hours away. The Lizards are getting all active again, with a big trip to Wanaka planned and all in the bag, plus a couple of smaller rides over the next couple of months to some interesting places, so that should be good.
Got the NCR Scuderia all pulled down this week, and it's all out for paint, panel and vapor blasting. I tried to remove the cush drive housing from the rear wheel yesterday and discovered that every single hex bolt holding it on had been rounded off when it was installed, shit it pisses me off when people with no ability do stuff like this, so off to the engineers today to have them all drilled out and replace. Anyways that was the week that was, and we march forward I suppose. have a great weekend, enjoy your mates, and enjoy the rides . And enjoy the blog, it's really just for you.

Simple really, you just remove the 10mm and it should all just come out.NOT

Great shot

Suzuka 8 hour Kawasaki, aren't they just so cool

Kawasaki 8 hour bike again

8 hour bike, look at all the buttons

We struggled to see how they could change a front wheel so quickly, this is how, the Brembo is only about 30mm in depth, I mean its tiny, so the wheel has clearance to move forward disengaging the rotor from the pads, and the forks are simply turned out releasing the wheel, and they do this 7 times during a race and screw the shit out of the brakes which is really for all intents and purposes 8 sprint races joined into one. Amazing. Love the clips that hold the rotor on too. V clever

Strange how the old ones look better then the new ones

It's always nice when someone takes the time to make sure that you enjoy yourself

To the tune from madness " oh what fun we had".

I have a mate of mine that wants to sell his V7 racer if anyone is interested, done feck all K's and is absolutely mint mint mint

Oh how this bike changed the world, and almost over night the British motorcycle industry already on it's knees due to the CB750, was gone

These things were epic, I rode my first one and was quite pleased to give it back ( in my defense I still had my school shorts on), thought that he was going to die if he kept it. Ride one now and Pffttt what was I thinking.

Serious tank slappers are in your future
Simplicity really

Noice mite noice

Some guys have really cool stuff in their garages

Me Like, my mate Wayne will love this
Off to change the world forever, this is the final shot of the Atom bomb soon due for Hiroshima being transported out of the States. Quite a poignant image really

Ding ding ding ding know what I mean

Such a great looking motorcycle

White gummies, no gloves, no googles, that's how we used to roll. Haha

The change over period, GS on the way out GSXR on the way in, both pretty epic motorcycles really
On our way to see David Bowie, the Desert Road, these trips were life changing, new freedoms, alcohol, speed, danger, and we all just did it because we could, and we didn't give it a second thought

Look closely at the make

 Wanna see my bone marrow, ha ha

They don't have to be big

Lovely paint, find a good painter and keep him in work

A nice Homage to Bimota, well done that man

It's always been about that engine

MT-01, had one and really enjoyed the bike
I get a lot of comments about that fact that I have lots of cars in my blog, well I don't really, just very cool ones

27 years old and if all going to plan 6 world titles, what a machine

I have no idea of what this is, except for maybe a gearheads idea of art, looks pretty cool though

Always loved the original six series


  1. The Parilla is magnificent! The blue kettle would fit in my life nicely.

  2. youre right about the cool cars Grant.. the 635 M6 & 911's are mint too.. luv ya work mate

  3. Pic 210 is a computer case someone built. There a whole scene about building custom cases for PCs (not unlike custom bikes).

  4. Loved seeing the RD500LC. Had one back in the day. There’s one in my local bike shop right now.... 2 miles on the clock ffs

  5. Thanks as always. Best of luck with your move.

  6. Thanks Grant.
    I am moving too. it sucks. Hope it goes well and the end is just how you want it to be.