Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Been a bit of a discussion going on ( off blog about what constitutes an adventure ride), and I have to add my two cents worth, because this is my blog. An adventure ride is any sort of ride ( as every ride is an adventure), but in my mind a true adventure ride is a ride that entails going off road, down trails never ridden, where the road turns right, but you go left. It involves blasting along beaches tapped out in top, across farms and high up in the alpine regions on roads not travelled by 85% of the people. It involves tenting, and staying in shearers quarters that have no windows, a bottle of whiskey shared amongst friends late at night around an outside fire sleeping dressed in your riding clothes. Falling over in the dark having a piss, or tripping over your motorcycle in the pitch black color of the night. Chasing possums off of your roof and Waking up to the smell of a fresh brewed camp fire coffee made by someone else. That is adventure riding. The rest is just touring. Now enjoy this weeks images and maybe, just maybe I will see some of you out there on the road.
For the record, I have never done any of what I wrote above, I just tour and some of the roads are gravel, but I am getting my kit together and intend to do some real adventure rides starting this year.

Who remembers this car

And the Renault people mover has exactly ....

The same engine as it's F1 brother.

Oh yes please, I'll have the Harley....hahahaha no seriously give me that RZ500

Yoooiiiks!!!!!!!!what on earth were they thinking? Apparently nothing, I mean if you did get to a point where you could not go any further who is going to reverse that out of there.

I love motocross, no really I do, I always go just for the racing

No seriously give me the Harley, nah just pulling your pud give me that 690 Super Duke


Never have been too sure about this type of styling, and those pipes must be loud.

Packed and ready, oh yes this is what it's all about, loading up and farking off.


A very very pretty PD Beemer

Mmmm Egli laverda, nice is always going to be nice

And I want it made really really light and small, oh and short

Just the one turbo thank you.

Pretty ugly, but pretty cool

This ladies and gentlemen is a 1300HP Nissan six cylinder, that's Horse Power, and one of the reasons why they banned them from Bathurst. This is the heart of Godzilla.

Training for the Ompah lompah GP. The race was shortened due to it being nippy, and when they complained the reasons went straight over their heads, but this guy was only just ahead of the rest so won the race.

In a garage somewhere a MOPAR............................waits

This guy definitely owns a scooter.

At least he's wearing boots

Nice to see that old traditions still stand true through to today

My pretty Guzzi......

Cool tattoos the way the guy is looking straight at the camera

Who knew that Elvis had a vagina?


Mr. Cocaine, was/is a great racer until they found a white substance inside all  his race tyres as he travelled the world.

Mr Cocaine himself on the first 8 valve engined Ducati

A great image

Mr. Carol Shelby in his Sir Bob Charles action gusset shirt.

Just to give you an idea of how big these fucken things get!!!!!!!

pain is only a moment away my friend

Now this is going to hurt, how many calories in a mouth of dirt? type really

A Pat I never got to know

A pat that I'm pretty well versed at haha

Scooter pants.....

Oh no, in Rome a bike caught fire and so did all the ones beside it........

Adventure riding at the leading edge

Pipe porn mmmmmm

here's that car again, but with the famous characters with it, Gandpa and Eddie

Mmmmmm Egli was different and no one did it like him, except for Magni, both pretty cool

Lovely Guzzi

Now that's a big cow.

Hours and hours of late night work by the TIG elves

Nah... she looks a bit strange, but her bike is nice


This guy could wheel stand the length of the north island if he wanted to, wonder where he is today. Pouzad or Bouzaid or something his name was, French dude. I'm sure someone will know, but he did the most epic wheel-stands ever.

Nice Nice Nice

I think she was a builder in a former life

MV Augusta side chair, this man has too much money, the engine alone has to be worth over 80K

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